Small spanish style house plans

Spanish Colonial Home Plans

small spanish style house plans

Also called Spanish Revival, this style was very popular in the United States from to The Spanish style has a stucco exterior, a clay-tile roof, exposed.

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Borrowing features from homes of Spain, Mexico and the desert Southwest, our Spanish house plans will impress you. With a stucco exterior, many of these floor plans have a horizontal feel, blending in with the landscape. Exposed beams may jut out through the stucco. Repeated arches may frame a courtyard and continue into the interior. Wrought iron may be found by windows; a gate of wrought iron may introduce a courtyard.

Spanish houses combine design elements from across Europe, delivering many one-of-a-kind plans with distinct profiles thanks to the region's long and complicated history of being ruled under various empires, including the Romans, Visigoths, and Moors. Spanish architecture developed with a unique exposure to a great variety of styles, and it blends graceful arches with bold angles and curves—structures can be composed of hard cubic shapes, have a rotunda, and be accented with arched cased entries inside and out. Designers carefully balance these elements to create beautiful plans with both geometric contrast and perfectly complementary exteriors composed of stucco and tiled roofs. Of course, such architecturally unique plans can also have some pretty different layouts, but they are always carefully designed and functional. Many of our Spanish homes also have casitas, making them perfect for families with older relatives and those who expect overnight guests. If you need assistance finding a great Spanish house plan, please email , live chat or call us at and we'll be happy to help! Our Guarantee.

Modern, Spanish House Designs

Spanish Style House Plans

Twitter Facebook Pinterest Google Plus. Spanish style house plans are often found in the lower regions of the United States. Spanish house plans are known for their low pitched roof lines, stucco exterior, and red tile roofs which help keep the home cool in the hot sun. Spanish home plans can have exterior balconies, columns, arches, wrought iron detailing, grand designs and feature courtyards for outdoor living space. If you enjoy looking at Spanish house designs you may also enjoy looking at Southwest house plans or Mediterranean house plans. If you enjoy the look of Spanish style homes and Mediterranean style homes while on vacation, you can bring this style back home with you.

Mediterranean House Plans

Small Spanish style house plans — If you are considering building your own small house, you may require some small Spanish house plans to get ideas for styling your new small home. Obviously you have to be aware of the local laws about house design and construction before you start. Do a lot of research and consult a specialist. Some location and states have laws to ensure houses are kept in the style of the rest of the city enlist the help of an architect who is familiar with your region. Hacienda, pueblo, Spanish colonial, old world list goes. Think about what appeals to you most, and consider the other small houses that are already in the area.

Browse our large collection of Spanish style house plans at DFDHousePlans. com or call us at Free shipping and free modification estimates.
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Crisp stucco finishes, terra cotta barrel tile roofing, courtyards, wrought iron balusters, and arched loggias add to the ambience of this style. The majority of these plans have open, airy and casual layouts that complement the relaxed living that is desired in such Spanish Colonial styled homes. We make it a point to maximize any view that your site might have with strategically-placed windows that let in plenty of light. Whether on a large acreage, estate sized lot, or waterfront setting, our home plans are designed to capture views and make its owners feel like they are immersed in their outdoor setting. Spanish Colonial style homes are great for entertaining guests or simply relaxing due to their casual and relaxed atmosphere. You'll enjoy plenty of bang for your buck when you purchase one of these designs, because they are built with energy efficiency and a maintenance-free lifestyle in mind.

When it comes to designing your own personal luxury home , there are a myriad of options to choose from. From a smaller, more modest luxury home to the largest, most grandiose luxury homes, there are many choices to be made. Depending on your personal taste, you may decide to add just a little luxury or a whole lot of luxury. Either way, adding luxury is always a good thing. Spanish-inspired homes built in the first decades of the 20th century are usually described as Spanish Colonial or Spanish Revival, suggesting that they borrow ideas from early American settlers from Spain. Step through the stucco archway, linger in the tiled courtyard, and you might think you were in Spain.


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