El chapo sons instagram username

El Chapo's fugitive son is living a lavish life despite being a wanted man

el chapo sons instagram username

Jul 25, Although the validity of El Chapo's sons' social media profiles comes his son Ivan Archivaldo Guzman's Instagram account was back in

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By Dailymail. Serrano is pictured. Serrano, the son of Damaso Lopez Nunez and reported godson of El Chapo, boasted about the glamorous parts of his life that were paid for presumably with drug money on social media. His Instagram account featured pictures of sports cars, an armory-worth of weapons, a pet tiger cub, as well as armed men in the back of trucks and stacks of narcotics. Serrano posted this picture, as well as many others, on Instagram showing off his lavish lifestyle. Pictured is one of the photographs Serrano put on his Instagram page. It shows a big cat in front of him while drinking a beer.

By Alasdair Baverstock for MailOnline. Gold-plated guns, voluptuous bikini-clad women and big cats are appearing on the social media accounts of Mexican cartel members in a trend thought to be set by the children of fugitive El Chapo,. Posting under the hashtags narcos and narcostyle, top cartel members flash their enormous wealth over Instagram and Twitter, uploading outrageous pictures which attract hundreds of both adoring and hate-filled comments. Scroll down for video. Flashy: Private planes and the latest cars are the supposed perks of the narco lifestyle. Such planes in particular are used to smuggle narcotics north of the border left. Ivan Guzman posted a picture of his gold-plated AK in his Ferrari right.

The alleged Instagram account of Damaso Lopez Serrano is filled with gold plated guns, exotic pets and drugs. Image source: Instagram. The son of a top Mexican drug cartel member lived the high life while he was committing crimes, according to the photos posted on an Instagram account that bears his name. Serrano is the son of Damaso Lopez Nunez , a man believed to be one of Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman 's top henchman and now competitor for control of the Sinaloa cartel, reports Business Insider. The account features the younger cartel member surrounded by gold-plated guns and drugs. Flaunting ill-gotten gains on social media is common for young narcos. After Guzman's latest arrest, Nunez attempted to take over the Sinaloa cartel.

Using the hashtags narcos and narcostyle, these cartel kids post lavish photos of gold-plated guns, domesticated jungle cats and stacks of cash. And sometimes, they post these all at once. If you want to be sad, angry and jealous all at once, these pictures will fill you with these emotions and many, many more. Scroll through to see what we mean. This trend is rumored to have been started by the children of recently arrested drug kingpin El Chapo. While his notoriously secretive father was in hiding, Alfredito had no misgivings about flaunting his lavish lifestyle of luxury cars, weapons and women. Also, tigers.

Log in. Oct 22, El Chapo's fugitive son is living a lavish life despite being a wanted man Daily Mail Online Gucci, private jets, guns and cocaine! Photos show how El Chapo's fugitive son is living a lavish life despite being on the DEA's most wanted list - as his drug lord father's trial is set to begin Jesus Alfredo Guzman-Salazar is one of the 10 most wanted fugitives on the U. Drug Enforcement Administration's list The year-old is one of Joaquin 'El Chapo' Guzman Loera's six sons Commonly known as 'Alfredillo', he frequently shares photos on Instagram showcasing his luxurious lifestyle in Mexico In a series of recent posts on his private Instagram page, Alfredo has also paid tribute to his drug lord father saying he is a 'great person' El Chapo is currently in a New York prison ahead of his November trial By Emily Crane For Dailymail.

Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman always avoided the camera. Few images of the man exist. The same cannot be said of his children and closest confidantes. El Chapo, of course, was captured over the weekend in the Pacific resort town of Mazatlan. He reportedly surrendered without struggle, and walked out of a fourth-floor apartment with a team of Mexican marines. The strangest aspect of this story is what has surfaced about those close to him.

The Outrageous Instagram Accounts of the Children of Drug Lords Will Infuriate and Bewilder You

Mexican YouTube Star MURDERED After Insulting Cartel Boss - What's Trending Now!

31 Crazy Narco Instagram Photos Posted By Mexico’s Most Feared Drug Cartels

The former beauty queen Emma Coronel set up the page this summer and has been posting old snaps of her year-old husband. Her first post was a black and white photograph of the infamous trafficker, with caption - originally written in Spanish - 'always humble in life is the only thing you need'. Since then the account, run by the mum-of-two, has amassed a huge following, with more than 23, people viewing Coronel's posts. Las week she shared a photograph of El Chapo - 'The Shorty' - posing with loved ones above the caption: 'Life is just a while and you have to live it as best you can. The year-old's most recent photograph of her lover shows him wearing a black suit and pretty sharp pink shirt, while holding a candle and looking fairly threatening into the distance. Maybe someone made a comment about his tash? The caption reads: 'It is not the height, nor the weight, nor the muscles, nor the beauty that make you a great person.

El Chapo's sons spark Instagram battles between Mexican cartel members showing off their wealth

Scroll through the slideshow for a glimpse into the excessive lives of Mexican drug cartels. The account regularly posts photos with the hashtag sinaloa. The trend of cartels sharing photos of their wealth on social media is thought to have been started by Ivan and Alfredo Guzman , sons of the Sinaloa cartel leader, according to The Daily Mail. Several of their photos — some of which show women holding guns and mingling with giant cats — have made their way to the narcoofficial page. But, some photos don't shy away from the deadly side of cartel work: one photo posted to the Instagram profile narcoofficial shows a Mexican federal police vehicle riddled with bullet holes after a gun battle with cartel members. Arechiga-Gamboa pleaded guilty in May to a federal charge of conspiracy to import a controlled substance and faces a maximum sentence of life in prison during an Oct. Scroll through the slideshow for a glimpse into the excessive lives of some of the world's most dangerous criminal organizations.

By Emily Crane For Dailymail. Drug Enforcement Administration's list, frequently shares photos on Instagram showcasing his luxurious lifestyle in Mexico. In a series of posts on his private Instagram page, which boasts 35, followers, Alfredo has shamelessly shared photos of his collection of luxury cars, private jets and Gucci purchases. El Chapo's son Jesus Alfredo Guzman-Salazar, 35, pictured above has been living a very lavish life in Mexico while his drug lord father languishes in a New York prison. The year-old - commonly known as 'Alfredillo' - regularly pays tribute to his drug lord father on Instagram, praising him as his best friend and a 'great person' who 'helps the poor'. He also regularly shares photos of piles of cash spread out on the bed or floor, as well as containers of bullets and his high-powered rifles. Despite being a fugitive, Alfredo regularly tags his location on Instagram including from as far as Italy.

This trend is rumored to have been started by the children of recently arrested drug kingpin El Chapo. This photo was posted by El Chapo's son Alfredo.
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Take a look inside the ingenious system of escape tunnels linking the safe houses of the El Chapo cartel:. Enjoy this peak inside the lives of people in Mexican drug cartels? Then check out our other articles on dirty secrets of the Mexican drug war and Krokodil, the zombie drug ravaging Russia. By All That's Interesting. See inside the lavish, gaudy and lethal world of Mexico's most feared narcos, as posted to their own cartel Instagram accounts. Like this gallery?




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