The futures looking good to me

"My future's looking good" - Phoebe's Story

the futures looking good to me

The Future's Looking Good to Me (our daughter's pre-K graduation song)


It all started with a goat. The unfortunate animal was born in the Netherlands in the spring of and his prospects did not look good. On the left side of his body, a bare patch of fur marked the spot where his front leg should have been. On the right, his front leg was so deformed, it was more of a stump with a hoof. But when he was three months old, the little goat was adopted by a veterinary institute and moved to a grassy field.

The text below emerged from the experiences of many bodies who have been systemically impacted by the violences of colonialism. It took the current form through a collaboration between Elwood Jimmy and Vanessa Andreotti on the difficulties of decolonization. As a living text, it calls us to welcome a thunderstorm ancestor coming with heavy rain, and teenage and elderly winds that can help us move to a different space in our relationships, perhaps opening up possibilities for new forms of co-existence. We invite you to create a quiet space to hold the text and request close to your heart for a while and to witness your own responses to the rain and the wind. If you feel moved, please share what you have learned or felt below in any form you like.

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We set ourselves apart with our proven learning philosophy, EMPOWER, which develops habits and mindsets that empower students to write their own future. Students, at all levels, find their strengths and excel in highly personalized settings blending one-to-one instruction and small group classes. Here, every student is known, belongs, and succeeds. You might know us by our former name Halstrom Academy. We updated our name to better align with our innovative approach. Come see School Reimagined.

The Best Songs About The Future

The future's looking good to me! I'm ready to go, I'm ready to go, yeah. The future's looking good to me! I am ready as I can be, yeah, yeah. The future's looking.
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