Don t start none won t be none

The Effinays - Don't Start None... Won't Be None * lyrics

don t start none won t be none

A warning to others stating that if an altercation is to be avoided than they should cease acting in a provacative manor.

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Warren stopped his truck. He was exhausted, he tried to explain to Joseph Magnuson that day in late September, and just wanted to get done with his work. Magnuson was unrelenting and hurled numerous aggressive insults and racist slurs at him. That was something Warren, who is black, could not abide. He stepped out of the truck, and both men yelled at each other.

Scientific American editor Mariette DiChristina has also offered a fuller explanation. Something that happens every day, to me and many other people who write things: you get asked to do something for free. Can I eat exposure? Can I smoke it? For a young writer who is trying to build a career, exposure might actually be valuable.

Here we go again. Sharpton on the warpath. I wonder, if those cops, 3 of them black, had killed Sean Bell after firing only one shot each, would it matter? Full disclosure here, my brother in law is a cop. How he did that is never gonna be known for sure, but he did something, and it appears to be trying to run over undercover cops in an attempt to get away from the police.


Don't start none..... won't be none.....

No amount of playing dress-up could hide the contempt he had for our constitution. Post a Comment. There should be a dress code of respect. I wish that he would wear a suit coat and tie. The Oval Office symbolizes

Dont Start None, Wont Be None








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