Wentworth season 4 episode 8

Season 4 Episode 8

wentworth season 4 episode 8

Bea & Allie Wentworth Season 4 Episode 8 Part 3

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With Bea devastated over Allie's attack, And make sure to like and subscribe me for me videos I will try and post more Wentworth season 4 the full trailer leslie Fuller. Marie comes up against Kaz over Allie, this time in Wentworth. Vera has personal problems of her own but when it comes to Sonia, she gets one over Vera and gets the press involved over the prison workshop, which is all part of Sonia's 'grand plan'. Wentworth S03E New Full Episodes.

A drama that explores the challenges inmates and officers face in an all-female prison. In the Season 4 premiere, Vera is now governor; Bea questions if she wants to remain Top Dog; and Franky tries to make it on the outside. Vera attempts to have Bridget fired; Ferguson tries to be released into the general population. Ferguson is confined to her cell for safety reasons; Vera wonders if "the Freak" has a death wish. Ferguson has protection from Kaz's crew; Bea begins to lose the support of the women when she defends Will; Maxine is diagnosed with breast cancer. Ferguson continues her manipulation of Kaz; Maxine is acting Top Dog. Lucy confronts Bea after she is released from the slot; Liz has a chance for immediate release; and Doreen turns her back on Bea.

Wentworth S04E08 - Plan Bea

Bea & Allie Wentworth Season 4 Episode 8 Part 2

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The parallel of Bea saying this in the beginning of the episode while making out in the equipment room with Allie and then Allie saying it while trying to resuscitate Bea at the end is brilliant Wentworth writing yet again. Also, in the promo we can see Kaz going to talk to Allie and we can see in the background Bea walking over to them protectivegirlfriendaf am i right or am i right. Or was she jealous? Because she certainly looked jealous to me! Was she jealous because Bridget was giving someone else attention? I honestly think that Vera could be gay. Also the fact that Vera cared so much about what Bridget thought of her… I have always been about Fridget but I think Bridget could be good for Vera.

Wentworth APTN. Season 4 Episode 1 — First Blood. The women of H Block return to Wentworth after the rebuild to find a new dynamic in play. Vera is Governor, Will is her deputy and Kaz Proctor has established a power base. Ferguson prepares to make her next move, while Bea struggles to find a reason to live.

Bea & Allie (Wentworth) – Season 4, Episode 8 (Part 1)

Robert Downey Jr. Sign in. For his latest role in Don't Let Go David Oyelowo goes to a dark place and embraces fear in the latest Blumhouse film. Watch now. A clandestine affair heats up, but neither party knows their every move is being watched. Maxine undergoes a procedure away from the prison. Start your free trial.

The fourth season of the television drama series Wentworth premiered on SoHo in Australia on 10 May The season comprises 12 episodes. Season four picks up four months after the fire at Wentworth. Four months after the fire at Wentworth, Bea and the other inmates have been housed offsite while they wait for construction to be completed. Season four will see Bea battle two formidable enemies.


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