How much is a spirit of 76 pinball machine worth

Spirit of 76

how much is a spirit of 76 pinball machine worth

Gottlieb Spirit of 76

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The above intro text acts a bit like a 'wiki' and can be edited by all Pinside members, including you! This game has received 19 approved Pinsider ratings and currently has a rating of 7. This game ranks in the Pinside EM Top There are currently no ads for this game on the Marketplace. We have seen this game for sale in the Pinside Market 2 times. There are forum topics linked to this game ,. Have you found a YouTube video related to this machine?

Family friendly fun our best seller year after year. Freshly restored March Go Villanova Wildcats and ready to play. Everyone at Pinrescue has been hard at work trying to get quality restored pinball machines up on our site. We sold out again last Christmas and Gottlieb drop target games never stay on our web page very long any time of year. Pinrescue is very proud to offer one of the most desirable multiplayer pinball games ever created. Super popular sister to the two player Pioneer. Fantastic pinball game play with extra balls, Specials and a countdown bonus of up to 60, and you can get it without losing the ball in play!

A special 2-player Add-a-ball version, Gottlieb's 'New York' , was made in celebration of the lifting of the laws that had banned pinball in New York. Wayne Neyens told the story at Expo of back when 'Spirit of 76' was being produced, he and a few colleagues were enjoying after-dinner conversation with Judd Weinberg, the president of D. Gottlieb and Company. While Wayne's colleagues predicted a production run of 2, games, or 3, games, and other numbers in this range, Wayne remained silent. Judd noticed this and asked Wayne to give his prediction of how long the run would last.

Pinside member. I'm looking for my first machine and I'm going to check out a Spirit of '76 tomorrow. I'm going to check everything tomorrow, but let's assume the following:. The playfield is in good shape with minimal to no visible wear, but the center plastic just below the bumper is missing. The rubber was replaced about 18 months ago. Incandescent bulbs have been replaced with white LEDs.

Site navigation. True barn find. It had been sitting there for close to 20 years and looked like it. A quick cleaning revealed a decent machine and all there. New backglass, plastics and a lot of elbow grease needed. EMs rule Up and running.

Spirit of 76 is a pinball game designed by Ed Krynski and Wayne Neyens and released in by Gottlieb. The pinball machine should not be confused with the pinball machine The Spirit of '76 by Mirco Games, Inc. Two other versions of this pinball machine were released in Pioneer - a two-player version and New York - a special 2-player Add-a-ball version in celebration of the lifting of the ban of pinball in New York City. Spirit of 76 was made to celebrate the th birthday of the United States. The backbox of the machine has art from America's heroes. The red white and blue theme dominates the game. Minutemen , covered wagons and rockets are displayed on the playfield.

Spirit of 76 Price and Gut Check

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Aug 29, Spirit of 76 is a pinball machine from , manufactured by D. Gottlieb & Co. Estimated value Unknown The average asking price is $
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    I'm looking for my first machine and I'm going to check out a Spirit of '76 tomorrow. and he has the schematics, I feel like $ would be a fair price. What do You can get a plastic set from PBR (pinball resource) with some.

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