How to make someone pass out

"Does the date rape drug really make a person pass out?"

how to make someone pass out

How to make someone pass out

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Fainting, or syncope, is a scary experience. It is often the result of poor circulation to the brain which then causes you to lose consciousness and pass out. However, you can take certain precautions to make sure that are you safe if you faint. Watch carefully for any initial signs, such as feeling dizzy. Then, sit or lie down right away. Get help from others and take your time recovering after an episode.

This is NOT fake. To make someone faint, first have them squat down and breathe in deeply for about 10 seconds. Then, have them stand up straight against a wall and hold their breath. Get someone else to push hard against their chest. The person standing should then lose concs

How does the date rape drug work? Are there symptoms before someone pases out? I am I would like to be alert. The "date rape drug" most commonly refers to a medication called flunitrazepam, more commonly known as rohipnol.

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Pass Out Techniques?

View Full Version : Best chemical agent to knock someone out? So it sounds simple, and obvious: chloroform, duh! - Are considering to make yourself pass out on purpose? Here are precautions and safety measures, how to do it using pressure points, in class and more.

How to make Yourself Pass out Fast, safely without Hurting Yourself







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    How to physically make someone pass out? - Ultimate Guitar

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    A way to pass out is to block off air or blood flow for a few seconds. What are the reason why someone would make themselves pass out?.

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