How to use a trash compactor

Trash Compactor 101: Why You Need One

how to use a trash compactor

Garbage Compactors 101

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Trash compactors use a compacting ram to compress the trash. The compactor must be at least half full before it will start to compact. Using trash compactors involves filling the drawer, starting the compactor and removing a filled bag. It's fairly easy to use trash compactors and take them through a few steps. Place a disc-shaped air freshener into the air freshener slot or receptacle before using the trash compactor.

Wondering if a trash compactor is a good idea for your home?
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Using a trash compactor, essentially an appliance of convenience, means fewer trips to the curb or can with bags of garbage. Compacted trash takes up far less space than regular bagged trash. But the compactor also requires special bags, which may mean you'll have to seek the right kind out while shopping. Compacted trash takes up significantly less space than non-compacted trash, meaning the garbage won't require emptying as often. This also means you'll need far fewer traditional trash bags and may be able to use fewer curbside trash cans, if you have to provide your own can for curbside pickup. A trash compactor bag filled to capacity may weigh 30 to 50 pounds, which can be a bit cumbersome, especially for children or the elderly.

Pros & Cons of Trash Compactors

A trash compactor is a great addition to any home wishing to cut down on waste. There are more advantages to having a trash compactor than disadvantages., And after all those years of bad-mouthing, they fell in love with it. Seriously, they love it.

The Truth Behind Trash Compactors





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