How to find the perimeter of a rectangle formula

Perimeter of a Rectangle Formula

how to find the perimeter of a rectangle formula

What is the Perimeter of a Rectangle?

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Perimeter of a rectangle. How to find function values. A few good examples to understand the concept. Read More. Formula for percentage. Finding the average. Basic math formulas Algebra word problems.

Is there a way to find the perimeter of a rectangle if you have the area, or vice versa? If so, what is the equation? Suppose you have 4 feet of picture frame material and you want to make a frame for one of your photos. You could make a frame for your photo of aunt Martha and uncle Fred's new baby. Each of these rectangles has the same perimeter, 4 feet, but the areas are quite different.

We will discuss here how to find the perimeter of a rectangle. We know perimeter of a rectangle is the total length distance of the boundary of a rectangle. ABCD is a rectangle. We know that the opposite sides of a rectangle are equal. We add length and breadth twice to find the perimeter of a rectangle. Let us consider some of the examples on perimeter of a rectangle:. The length of a rectangle is 4 cm and its breadth is 2 cm.

Show less The perimeter of a rectangle is the sum total length of all of its sides. In a rectangle, both sets of opposite sides are congruent, meaning that they are the same length. Then, add these measurements together. For example, for a rectangle with a length of 14 cm and a width of 8 cm, you would add them to get 22 cm.

Perimeter of a Rectangle Calculator

The perimeter is the length of the outline of a shape. - Show less

Perimeter of a Rectangle

Use our perimeter of a rectangle calculator if you need to quickly estimate what is the perimeter of a specific rectangle. Try to enter some values or read on to learn more about rectangles. In the following text, we explain in detail how to find the perimeter of a rectangle with 10 different perimeter of a rectangle formulas. Its name is derived from the Latin word rectangulus which means right rectus angle angulus. The opposite sides of rectangle are parallel to each other and of equal length. Rectangle has two diagonals which intersect in the middle of the rectangle and are of equal lengths. In the picture below, you can see a typical rectangle with marked parameters:.

Area, Perimeter and Diagonal of a Rectangle - Calculator

The perimeter of a rectangle is found by adding up the length of all four sides. Since the two long sides are 12 cm, and the two shorter sides are 7 cm the perimeter can be found by:. One side of a rectangle is 7 inches and another is 9 inches. What is the perimeter of the rectangle in inches? To find the perimeter of a rectangle, add the lengths of the rectangle's four sides. If you have only the width and the height, then you can easily find all four sides two sides are each equal to the height and the other two sides are equal to the width. Multiply both the height and width by two and add the results.







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    Formula and description of the perimeter of a rectangle. shown, calculate the perimeter and verify your result matches the formula at the top of the diagram.

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