How to stop being a hoe

Real Talk: How To Tell Your Friend To Stop Being A Slut

how to stop being a hoe


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To be a slut or not to be a slut, that is the question. Whether 'tis nobler to have vanilla sex or to get the peen t'wherever it may dangle. People think being a slut is a bad thing. I say screw those people. Being a slut is the best.

Boys, we all know the struggle in the dating world. It's hard to find a good girl these days, right? As Chris Brown, a man with a fantastic relationship record, has sang, "These hoes ain't loyal". Sometimes it's hard to tell if a female is a hoe -- she can look completely innocent and you wouldn't even know her "hoe tendencies. They have carefully researched the signs of being a hoe and have evidence to back it up. I have made it easier than ever to spot a potential hoe, so this way you can steer away from her.

So, your friend is being passed around and it's apparent to everyone but her. We know that having to be the bearer of bad press is always a tough spot to be in -- what if she reacts defensively and winds up mad at us instead? Ugh, girls. To be a female best friend implies that you are also your friends' PR agent. And like any good public relations assistant, you must have your client's best interests at heart even if it makes your job more difficult.

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