Dilly dilly game of thrones

HBO’s Game of Thrones burns Bud Light Super Bowl spot in shock Dilly Dilly mash-up

dilly dilly game of thrones

Top 10 Superbowl Commercials of 2019

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HBO wanted its Super Bowl ad for Game of Thrones to deliver storytelling that felt as dramatic and epic as the show itself. With Game of Thrones approaching its final season premiering April 14 the brand wanted to air something that could truly shock a group of fans who, at this point, are pretty damn hard to surprise. And boy, did HBO deliver. In just 60 seconds, HBO once again publicly executed an iconic character, during the second quarter of the Big Game. It started in May of last year.

While some people are still asking what "dilly dilly" means , the Bud Light ads have taken on a pervasive life of their own. Thursday morning, the company released yet another ad in the popular series predominantly seen during commercial breaks during NFL games. There his people are outnumbered by better-trained forces who fortuitously have the beer his kingdom craves. How the kingdom ran out of beer when it has a wizard capable of transforming anything into beer is a mystery best solved by someone who craves continuity. The ads have taken on an unexpected life of their own. Though there's some history to the phrase, Bud Light and the agency that created the ad last fall thought it was just a bit of funny nonsense. The aforementioned wizard was the focal point of the first ad above in the new trilogy, which was preceded by three other commercials.

Feb 3, Just over one year later, the Game of Thrones comparison became a 'Dilly Dilly ' Just Went Full 'Game of Thrones' With Its New Commercial.
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One of the most shocking moments of Super Bowl LIII had nothing to do with the game there was, in fairness, little shocking or exciting about the game. I'm not joking. The Bud Knight is dead. It's a minute of TV that entertains and intrigues but it also does something more. But if we read a little deeper, there's a fascinating tension in the ad, a maybe unintentional battle between two very common understandings of the Middle Ages that tells us something really interesting about how we think about the medieval in the modern world.

How the Demise of Bud Light’s Bud Knight Came to Be in a Super Bowl Spot for HBO’s Game of Thrones


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    Feb 4, Tonight’s (3 February) Super Bowl saw HBO and Bud Light unveil a surprise hybrid commercial, in which Game of Thrones’ The Mountain defeats the Bud Knight and Daenerys Targaryen’s dragon burns the ‘Dilly Dilly’ kingdom to ash. The spot begins as a regular ad from Bud Light, now.

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