Lush boxing day sale 2018

Sad news, people: Lush wont be doing an online Boxing Day sale

lush boxing day sale 2018

CRAZY Lush BOXING DAY Sale Haul 2017! *HUGE*

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It has become a tradition of sorts now for my family and I to get up super early, catch the bus to Lakeside and queue for about an hour or so just so I can get my hands on all the amazing reduced Lush. Maybe it sounds a bit sad, but when Lush only hold one sale a year it makes sense for me to be there for it and save some cash in the process. This Snow Fairy body spray was from G and it smells amazing. The Snow Fairy scent is the epitome of Christmas to me probably because I have been buying the shower gel version of it each and every Christmas for years now. This was released as an online exclusive as part of the Community Favourites. Calacas is one of my all time favourite scents from Lush and the body spray is very true to that scent.

While many of us love bagging a bargain on Boxing Day, plenty of folk just can't be bothered to venture out and brave the inevitable crowds. Thankfully, the internet means we don't have to change out of our Christmas PJs to feel like we've nabbed a good deal. But, while many retailers are gearing up for a web-based sale on December 26, Lush cosmetics have revealed that they won't be dropping their online prices post-Crimbo. Taking to their official Twitter page, the bath bomb favourites explained that they will not be getting involved with online sales. And while some shoppers have deemed this the "sensible" and "economical" thing to do - many were left far from impressed.

Lush, the purveyor of bath and beauty goodies, puts on a BOGO sale on Boxing Day every year. Here's when and how to shop for the best Lush deals.
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The holiday season is nearing its end, but that doesn't mean you still can't grab a gift for yourself. Post-Christmas sales are happening, and they're so good. One sale that you can't miss? Yes, that's right. Lush is basically giving away free products, but if you're a Lushie who wants to shop the sale, you'll need to move quickly because the deal isn't going to last forever and neither are the products. Typically, Lush offers a sale for Boxing Day , a holiday that originated in the UK based around the idea of charitable giving after Christmas. The Lush Boxing Day sale in the UK is happening in tandem with a buy one, get one offer the brand currently has up for grabs in North America.

Lush won't be having an online Boxing Day sale and not everyone's happy about it

The high streets flood with people looking for a bargain, rushing around for the best discounts on the snazziest stuff. And of course, you can do all of this without the rush thanks to the beauty of online shopping.

Lush's BOGO Sale 2018 Means FREE Bath Bombs For You & Everyone Else

Want to hear a very sad, very true tale? Once upon a time, I was saving up to splurge on Lush Cosmetics during my Black Friday shopping shenanigans, and I was absolutely devastated to hear that the brand doesn't typically participate in America's biggest annual shopping event. Lush products are reasonably priced year-round, which is why they don't have many sales because of it, but all true Lushies know that their BOGO sale on Boxing Day is not to be missed. But it's still become a shopping day almost as popular as our own beloved Black Friday. Every year, Lush offers serious savings, and this year, they're just as sweet. For 's BOGO sale , Lush shoppers can enjoy a buy one, get one free promotion on certain products in store and online. Online, all you need to do is look for the products with a blue BOGO sticker, and add an even number of those items to your cart.

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Repeat, ensuring you have an even number of BOGO items in your cart up to 40 items total to make the most of our sale! Click here to shop Lush Canada. All our limited edition holiday items and gifts, plus select year-round items. Anything without the BOGO sticker is not included in the sale. Each time you add an item to your cart, the minute timer will start again. One minute before your time expires, a message will pop up to let you know you have 60 seconds to begin the checkout process. We aim to have orders shipped within two business days.

Ah, Boxing Day sales - the natural habitat of all us ultra-keen shoppers who just can't wait until the New Year to get our hands on some incred deals. Heck, we don't even have to leave the comfort of our Turkey induced food-comas to brave the actual shops anymore. But while most retailers can't wait to open their websites to a bunch of prosecco-fuelled bargain hunters on December 26 - there's one company who won't be dropping their prices online post-Crimbo - and that's Lush. And while some buyers called the decision 'economical' and 'sensible', it's fair to say not everyone was impressed. I think this is horrible! And very little notice disappointed. Why not maximize your website rather than exclude customers who are unable to visit a store?

One can barely walk by a Lush store without contending with a strong mostly scent-related desire to step inside. The purveyor of natural, fragrant and eco-friendly bath and body products is just that good, and the brand knows it. Brands are discounting their products on Black Friday and Cyber Monday at an increasingly dramatic rate. Some brands, like Urban Decay, host sales for 10 days. Except for Lush. On Nov.

And just like last year, shop lushusa. Good luck and happy shopping! What are some of your favorite Lush products? Let us know in the comments section at the bottom of the page. Shop online at lushusa. Online shoppers can hold items for a maximum of 15 minutes every time an item is added to your cart. As you add qualifying BOGO items to your cart, your order total will be automatically adjusted so every second qualifying item is free, in order of price no coupon needed to apply the discount.


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