Sam and cat full episode the killer tuna jump

the great tuna jump

sam and cat full episode the killer tuna jump

Seddie moments in "The Killer Tuna Jump" (part 1)


We throw a ramp right here, we set one up over there, we put some bleachers in the back here, then we charge people a bunch of money to watch someone jump the tuna. This is the first special of the show and it marks the return of some iCarly and Victorious characters. Sam is making a sauce better than all sauces by mixing a bunch of sauces. Cat tries it and then spits it all over Sam's shirt. Brody bet Dice all the tuna. Dice believes that he was talking about money and wins the bet.

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Seeing as she had caught me staring at Carly's door for half an hour yesterday, I guess in her book I am completely suicidal. After she had given me possibly the longest pep talk ever, I escaped to the Groovy Smoothie. T-Bo was still working there, and as he spotted me and slid up to my table, wearing what I recognized as my mother's pink slippers, and offered me a pickle on a stick, it almost felt like nothing had changed. Like Carly hadn't gone to Italy and Sam hadn't gone to LA, and that I would go back to the Shay's apartment and film iCarly and eat spaghetti tacos and talk about Sam's prison record a surprisingly popular topic. I was walking back to Bushwell,trying to decipher a very strangely worded text from Gibby, when she called. I kind of freaked out internally, ever since Sam had randomly phoned and asked me how to sabotage another babysitting business a few weeks ago, I had basically been waiting for her to call. I know it sounds stupid but I was kind of scared to make the first move.

Sam and Cat S01E23 The Great Tuna Jump Reunion Special

Sam & Cat The Killer Tuna Jump Review

Clip & Pics from Saturday’s Sam & Cat Special “The Killer Tuna Jump”

Cat should have said in the last scene that she had bought a jacket for her. I was not disappointed. Overall, I liked the new Sam and Cat episode. I mean Frobbie? That was hilarious that they mentioned that. And then there was plenty of Jam personally I think Jade and Sam are way too similar to ever work well together as anything more than friends.

Sam & Cat: The Killer Tuna Jump Gifs

Two teens become roommates and find success when they form an after-school babysitting business. A spin-off series, based on characters from "iCarly" and "Victorious". Part 1 of 2. Sam befriends Jade, which makes Cat feel excluded, so then Cat reaches out to Freddie, prompting Sam to get acquainted with Robbie. Meanwhile, Dice arranges for a daredevil to attempt a risky jump over some deadly tuna, but the stuntman backs out.

Cat's friend Jade comes to L.A. and Sam became friends with her. Cat invites Sam's old friend turn out so weird. Meanwhile, Dice gets a lot of tuna and it goes weird too. Season 1 | Episode Previous See full cast». View production.
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