Side body tattoos for females

50 Pretty Side Tattoos for Girls

side body tattoos for females

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Side tattoos, which you also know as the rib tattoos are a real treat to the eyes. Exotic side pieces usually include striking designs, bold colours and intricate artwork , unless you do not opt for soft or cute themes. Be it for men or women, side tattoos are loved by both crazily. You need to possess extreme enthusiasm and conviction for tattoo art to sport a great looking sidepiece. It takes a lot of confidence to sport a side boob tattoo but it is definitely one of the better places to get inked. That is why we are going to show you what we believe to be some of the coolest side tattoos that we have ever seen. Small tattoos rank low on the Tattoo Pain Chart while big tattoos just adds more design to your body.

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There is no doubt that side tattoos, or rib tattoos as some would call them, add a touch of sexiness to a woman. Wear a bikini and that side tattoo might just add some charisma to your two-piece swimsuit. However, not everyone will tell you that the pain is intense that you will end up crying in pain. Obviously, pain tolerance levels vary per person but a huge majority would think that as compared to other body parts, a rib tattoo is more painful than in other areas. Getting a remembrance is one of the most common reasons why people get a tattoo. If you want to remember a person or an experience, then a tattoo can help you remember them without you marking it on a calendar or bringing out a photo.

50 Rib Tattoos for Girls

You may think it is easy, but it is not unless you only have a few spots left. There are some area that are quite sensitive that most people would avoid, and there are some people who are not yet ready to show the whole world or at least their officemates about it, so they choose a spot that is hidden from their daily wear.

30+ Feminine Rib Tattoo Ideas for Women that are VERY Inspirational

Tattoo is often a masculine form of art gained its popularity among men. It could be feminine and a perfect way self expression for women if the design and the placement is done properly. Girls who admire their bodies and beauty of the amazing art opt to get their first tattoo on less visible area of the body. Rib or rib cage is one of such good locations for its larger area and flexibility of invisibility. By using needles and electric tattoo machine, it has been a lot precise and lessened the pain when puncturing the skin.

70 Best Side Tattoos for Girls with Beautiful Design and Ideas

Side tattoos are ideal for girls who are gifted with a toned abdomen. Some examples of the most usual tattoo designs used for women are texts or words that are incorporated in scripts using stylish fonts. This is to make the design artistic and appealing. Aside from these, lettering tats like famous quotations are also used frequently on the side of wrist, waist, thigh, stomach, rib, foot, neck, leg, hip, hand and arm. Other popular tattoo designs on the list of side tattoos for girls include Celtic tats, tribal art, angels, panther tats, the Japanese koi fish, and the dragon.



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