Killer at large why obesity is americas greatest threat

Killer at Large: Why Obesity Is America's Greatest Threat

killer at large why obesity is americas greatest threat

Don't be fooled by the sensationalistic title: the "killer" in question is not a homicidal maniac but a growing national epidemic - that of obesity.

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It won't attract the audience it most needs to inform with grossly disturbing images of an obese year-old girl having liposuction; seven moths later she was already fat again. A fat teacher instructs his high-school students on health and nutrition; a chunky PE teacher talks about the importance of physical fitness. Dr Deborah Cohen says that eating disorders are "below the level of consciousness," while others argue people simply are making bad choices of priorities. A food fight breaks out between liberals such as Dr Kelly Brownell who blame the food industry a national ban on tv ads of junk food for children is as likely to happen against the wishes of the food industry's lobbyists as passing an assault-weapon ban with the blessings of the NRA and conservatives in collusion with the manufacturers of processed foods and the richly subsidized, industrialized farms who emphasize self-discipline, dieting, and exercise. But "eat less, exercise more" isn't working because stress is making people crave calories and store them. Provocateur Bill Maher points out that the three industries of pharmacology, oil, and corn have killed more Americans, lots more, than bin Laden who, by the way, is fashionably thin. At least George W.

Beyond the shocking medical statistics and newspaper headlines that one would expect, Killer at Large also examines the ethical and moral implications of the obesity epidemic with leaders of several world religions who sight scripture calling all believers to live healthful lives free of overindulgence and laziness, characteristics that are sadly becoming the norm. The film goes on to expose the public policies that have been institutionalized by the government and their industrial paymasters who have worked to create an infrastructure that forces farmers to over-produce all the wrong kinds of foods for mass consumption. Add to that further policies that force the price of vegetables artificially high and the price of intensely processed food artificially low, making the poor uniquely positioned to suffer from the results of public policy on obesity. Other policies and government programs that contribute to obesity are also explored, including those in our schools that are making our children obese. Where will our police and firemen come from if the youngsters today are on a trajectory that says that they will be obese?

Skip to main content. Obesity is fast becoming the single greatest killer of Americans, leading some experts to claim that we are on the cusp of an evolutionary disaster. This incisive and informative documentary uncovers this epidemic, examining the causes and suggesting ways to reverse this deadly trend. Recommended Videos. Recommended For You. The first is a cutting-edge restaurant named seventh-best in the world, whose chef must also battle a life-threatening obstacle to pursue his passion. The second is a year-old family restaurant still standing only because of the unbreakable bond with its community.

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