Colgate commercial brush brush brush 3x day lyrics

Brush, Brush, Brush Your Teeth (Toothbrush Song)

colgate commercial brush brush brush 3x day lyrics

Here's the cute Colgate Commercial featuring kids singing their way about how to brush teeth three times a day. Jingle: Brush, brush, brush three times a day.

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Childhood overload! I can still remember the Close up's ad, yung kay Gino Padilla. Classic talaga yung Closer You and I! That Palmolive ad with Alice Dixson reminded me of the late comedian Chitae - he did that last reaction of Alice, in one of his movies, many years ago. Past commercials can form part of our good memories especially if they special personal significance to us.

Colgate Brush 2x a day tamil ad Tamil ads. Do your children brush their teeth twice a day? Sing it along with your kids and keep cavities away! Brush brush brush three times a day Brush brush brush to keep cavities away Brush brush brush three times a day Brush with Colgate! Sa umaga, brush..

Brush brush brush your teeth song colgate commercial tamil

Tooth decay is the most common chronic disease of childhood, causing pain, absence from school, and loss of confidence., Forgot your password? Remember me?





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