When to wash hair before color or highlights

(Closed) Clean or 'dirty' hair before getting highlights?

when to wash hair before color or highlights

Clean or Dirty Hair Before Your Hair Appointment?

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I was wondering if it is better if I have clean hair before I go to the hair dresser. Should I use conditioner when washing before highlights? My mom told me that you should have oily hair before you get highlights. Is this true? A: For giving a color service, your stylist will want you to have "clean, dry hair". That means that you should shampoo and condition your hair as you normally would at least the day before your appointment. You don't have to shampoo and condition your hair the day of the service, unless you use a lot of hair product.

We have clients come in almost daily and ask if they should wash their hair before highlighting or coloring. It makes it easier for our stylists to place foils in your hair and the color actually holds better to dirty hair due to clean hair being too slippery. Also, the natural oils help protect your scalp from possible irritation the color could cause. Such as, if you go swimming in a chlorinated pool the day of your color appointment, you must shampoo the chlorine out or there could be some funky results when the color reacts with the chlorine! Or, if you work out hard before a color service, wash your hair. You should also make sure any cover-up products or dry shampoos you use to disguise your roots between services are out before you get to our salon.

Salon Etiquette: How to Prep Your Hair for Your Appointment

The 10 Commandments of Gorgeous Hair Color

We talked to celebrity hairstylist Mitch Stone whose chi-chi clients include Jennifer Lopez and Kristin Davis to get the cardinal rules of hair coloring. Not yet a Birchbox subscriber? Join today! This is a much harsher procedure and it takes a harsher chemical: bleach. The healthier your hair, the better your color will look. Use regular deep conditioning treatments in the weeks leading up to your appointment to get your hair in the best shape.

Hmm, weird. I got a single process color all over color plus highlights this past weekend and my stylist told me to come with clean hair or they would wash it when I got there.
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