Best beginner rifle for target shooting

Best Beginner Precision Rifle Setup of 2019

best beginner rifle for target shooting

Smart rifle means hunters never miss

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Here are my top three choices. Every year, time permitting, I hunt elk, deer, upland game, waterfowl and whatever else I can legally pursue. Leon Pantenburg photo. But I try to stay away from writing about firearms. There is so much of it, good and BS, on the internet, that anything I contribute will be adding another drop to an already overflowing bucket.

Truth be told, with a little time, effort and modest investment, a shooter can transform most appropriately chambered modern rifles into precision rifles. But not everyone has an overabundance of those factors. Luckily, the surging interest in placing a projectile dead on target a country mile away has washed the market with a host of precision rifles.
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With Precision Rifle Series becoming more and more popular these days, it seems only fitting to talk about how to get started in this great sport with a beginner precision rifle. Long range shooting in general is a pastime that appeals to a lot of shooters, and PRS in particular is sure to offer a continuing challenge for years to come as creative or sadistic, depending on your perspective match directors continue to find new and inventive ways to challenge both shooters and their gear. The Tikka T3x Series is without a doubt one of the most accurate and reliable rifle lines on the planet right now, which makes them a solid choice for a factory beginner precision rifle. On the cheaper end, you have the Tikka T3x Lite, which is a fairly bare-bones hunting rifle that just so happens to be accurate enough for the long-range, high-precision shooting you need to do in a PRS match. Moving up in price, the T3x Lite Adjustable is basically the same rifle as the standard Lite version, just with a stock that is adjustable for length of pull, and an adjustable cheek piece.

Just getting into weapons? Looking for your first rifle? Trust us, we understand the feeling! Everyone has to start somewhere. This guide will provide a few key factors to keep in mind, which will hopefully help in your decision making. Before getting into anything, we are going to assume that you have a general understanding of firearms safety, and are familiar with the process of purchasing a firearm.

Top 12 Affordable Precision Rifles Bolt-Action Edition (2019)

There is no best anything, only different. The difference between each thing may make it more or less suitable to a specific task or person.

How To Choose The First Rifle For Beginner (For Your Purpose)



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