What kind of dog does jenna marbles have

Why Jenna Marblesí Dogs Are the True Stars of Her YouTube Channel

what kind of dog does jenna marbles have

Meet Bunny Our Rescue Greyhound

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She is the older sister of Bunny. Peach is very open minded to eating most of the fruits and vegetables she is given. Jenna says Peach will eat almost anything, and that she debated calling the video " Will Peach Eat It? She also says Peach is the only one of the three dogs that could ever survive in the wild, because she is at least curious as to what food is. Peach can be seen behind Jenna during the intro of the video. Later, Peach is seen in the background while Jenna is feeding and cradling Kermit.

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Lately, it seems as though YouTube has been full of nothing but drama and controversy. Or, more specifically, her dogs. When someone says Jenna Marbles, the first thing that comes to mind is likely comedy, as the year-old YouTube star has been making audiences laugh until their ribs hurt for almost 10 years. From the early days of her channel, when it was just her and her namesake chihuahua, Marbles , to the documentation of the adoption of her two Italian Greyhounds, Kermit and Peach , viewers have followed Marbles on her dog-mom journey as well as become Marbles, Kermit and Peach stans along the way. Recently, Marbles and her vlogger boyfriend, Julien Solomita , adopted a new dog.

Kermit is Jenna and Julien's second dog, the younger brother of a named Marbles and older brother to both Jenna's other Italian greyhound Peach, and Breed. Italian Greyhound Jenna and Julien have forgotten Kermit's birthday once.
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He is a very lovable nasty boi who cries constantly. His first video appearance was on September 19, , and he has been crying ever since. Kermit is a grey Italian Greyhound with a pinkish-white chest. As he got older, he lost more of his teeth. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Appearance Edit Kermit is a grey Italian Greyhound with a pinkish-white chest.

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Charles Franklin Marbles is Jenna 's first dog. He is a male chihuahua and he was born on June 5th, -






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    Why Jenna Marblesí Dogs Are the True Stars of Her YouTube Channel

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