How many calories does stand up paddle boarding burn

How Many Calories Does Paddle Boarding Burn?

how many calories does stand up paddle boarding burn

Paddle boarding is a great way to get fit and lose a few pounds. 1 Burning calories; 2 Recreational Paddling; 3 SUP Touring; 4 SUP Yoga.

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Your body is always burning calories, and the more you make it do in terms of physical activity, the more it will burn. Even in your sleep, depending on your weight, you are burning by some estimates between 40 and calories an hour. But just how many calories does SUP burn? The conditions you are paddling in really impact the number of calories being burned while stand up paddle boarding. You are cruising around a lake, river, or calm ocean.

The SUP fitness secret is out, and many are discovering the fat burning, weight loss, and muscle toning benefits of stand up paddle boarding. But just how many calories does paddle boarding burn? For starters, we know that the simple act of standing burns calories an hour. When you stand, your leg and back muscles are continually firing in order to keep you balanced and upright. Standing on a paddle board requires much more energy because of the additional balance required, so the calories being burned while standing in a stationary position on your paddle board increases significantly. Burning 1, calories per hour is very attainable when dealing with these types of SUP activities.

Does Paddle Boarding Burn Many Calories?

With Stand Up Paddleboarding being one of the fastest growing sports in the world and with so many people using it everywhere regardless of the weather condition as their workout choice, you find many users wondering if this fun activity is a good workout as well. The answer is YES! - Paddle boarding is a fun, healthy activity than anyone can learn.

SUP Fitness: How Many Calories Does Paddle Boarding Burn?

We all find ourselves carrying a few extra pounds now and then and when we do, we want to get fit to get those pounds off. Paddle boarding is a great way to get fit and lose a few pounds. It is suitable for all ages and all fitness levels and as with all sports, the harder you work, the more calories you will burn. Experts say that women burn approximately 2, calories a day , while men burn 2, This is merely a guideline as no two people will burn calories at the same rate. A lot depends on lifestyle and how active that person is, as well as on their metabolism.

Paddleboarding is one of the fastest growing summer activities. This goes hand in hand with paddle board fitness. Paddling across the lake or along the shore or the ocean may seem effortless but it turns out to be a great form of exercise. What makes this sport so amazing is that nearly everyone can do it. At the same time, paddling activates nearly every muscle in your body from your core to your legs to even your arms. It also increases your balance and range of motion. There are many factors that can affect how many calories you burn while paddleboarding.


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    Many Americans start each new year with plans to get fit, be healthier, and maybe shed a few pounds.

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    People of all shapes, sizes and ages have begun to engage in paddle boarding as a fun, full-body workout.

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    As many people have heard, standup paddle boarding is the best workout for a complete body workout. So, how many calories does paddle.

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