Why does google look different

Google looks different today

why does google look different

So What If I Look Different?

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Google today unveiled a new look for its mobile search results, which gives sites a way to showcase their own branding instead of looking like every other blue link. The revamp is subtle, but one that will likely please publishers as it gives them a way to stand out. In addition, the website branding can help web searchers better understand where the information is coming from like an official site or well-known news publication, for example. The update also impacts how Google Search ads appear. Google says the new design will help it prepare for the search changes ahead as it enables the company to add to the search result cards more action buttons and previews, while still retaining attribution back to the source. The latter will offer links to listen right in the search results as well as tools to save the podcast to play later. In the meantime, site owners and publishers that want to customize their icon for their organic search listings can do so here.

A redesigned Chrome gets curvier tabs and icons and a revamped interface for the search and address bar. For Chrome's 10th anniversary , Google has given its web browser its first redesign in a decade. Get ready for a new look with lots of rounded corners and some new features. The new version keeps Chrome's tabs on top for the personal computer version, a defining feature on the relatively bare-bones interface Google debuted on Sept. But the tabs and Chrome's "omnibox" -- for typing addresses or searches -- look different, along with the mobile version for Chrome Android phones and iPhones and tablets , too. All versions of Chrome get "more rounded shapes, new icons and a new color palette," Chrome team members Ellie Powers and Chris Beckmann said in a blog post Tuesday.

Google looks different on google chrome

Menu Menu. Search Everywhere Threads This forum This thread., The client gives users a variety of functionality thanks to its vast array of extensions and its clever method of storing vital information such as passwords. And now Google has started to roll out the highly-anticipated redesign for Chrome that replaces sharp edges with rounded corners and introduces a look that is whiter overall.




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