Is ish still at west coast customs 2017

West Coast Customs faces stiff fines for not paying employees

is ish still at west coast customs 2017

West coast customs Who's the Boss


West Coast Customs has developed into one of the premier garages for the super popular custom vehicle industry. Co-founder and CEO Ryan Friedlinghaus is somewhat of a prodigy of the business, having his custom vehicles on the covers on magazine by the young age of 14, and soon after had his own ideas of how to revolutionize the custom vehicle industry. Known for taking the most ordinary, factory made cars and turning them into truly unique customs, Inside West Coast Customs prides itself on being able to fit any customer request and making it happen, no matter how challenging. They are mostly successful, but like any show there are plenty of things behind the scenes that most viewers are unaware of. Unhappy workers, missing back pay, and less than ideal results are just some of the problems Inside West Coast Customs has faced over the years.

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He was also the founder of the custom auto shop, West Coast Customs. The company was cofounded with Quinton Dodson and a five thousand dollar loan. The five thousand dollar loan is speculated to have come from one of two sources, the first theory being that his grandfather loaned him the start-up money. However, a second theory suggested that his father, a liquor store owner, loaned him the money. His first real project was his own car, a Mazda Pickup, which he customized to demonstrate his ability for future clients. His fast success allowed for Ryan to move his company closer to Los Angeles.

West Coast Customs abbreviated by the company [8] as WCC is an automobile repair shop focusing on the customization of vehicles. It was started by co-founders Ryan Friedlinghaus and Quinton Dodson in Besides celebrities, West Coast Customs has also created vehicles for global brands such as Virgin , [9] Nintendo , [10] and Microsoft. After a long history of different locations within the U. According to two contradictory statements in the Los Angeles Times , West Coast Customs was founded in either or [1] by auto enthusiast Ryan Friedlinghaus.

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West Coast Customs

If you can dream it, we can build it.,






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    Ish opens up about why he left West Coast Customs to launch his own shop, Royal Auto . Family is the thing you're still working towards?.

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    He truly has taken his business to the top, building some of the coolest customized cars possible and many of them being for celebrities including Chris Brown , Tyga and Shaq.

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    Watch the browns free online outkast i like the way you move live

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