Can you take halls cough drops while pregnant

What Medications Are Safe During Pregnancy?

can you take halls cough drops while pregnant

Pregnancy and Medications - Video FAQs - UCLA Family Health Center

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Before taking any over-the-counter or prescription medication not mentioned below, you should check with the office. Increase fluid intake, especially clear liquids. Use a vaporizer at night if congested. You may use Tylenol as directed for fever, aches or pains do not use more than the recommended daily dose. Actifed, Benadryl, Drixoral, Robitussin, or Sudafed are over the counter medications that can be used in pregnancy and are available at your local drug store. Do not use any nasal spray except Ayr or Ocean nasal saline unless prescribed by your physician. This means that many women have used them in pregnancy and there was no significant increase in birth defects:.

If you have a cold or sore throat while you're expecting, it's natural to want to relieve your discomfort with cough drops. Many doctors and health clinics include cough drops on their list of acceptable over-the-counter medications for treating cold symptoms. The key is moderation, reading the ingredients, and checking with your doctor for confirmation. You should always confirm the safety of any medication with your own doctor; however, many health clinics give expectant moms a list of safe medications to use if they have a cold. These lists, which are based on current research, generally mention several different brands of cough drops, including the following brands:. The active ingredients in most cough drops serve to suppress coughing, slightly numb the throat, or very rarely, thin mucus. Some active ingredients in cough drops can have unknown or adverse effects or should be used in moderation.

Really, as if morning sickness wasn't enough? When you're pregnant, getting a cold is difficult. You're already worn down and might be feeling crummy. Popping a cough drop would help ease the symptoms that keep you awake at night, but is it safe? It depends on what type you choose. Many cough drops are perfectly safe for pregnant women.

And are cough drops safe to take during pregnancy? Cough drops are sold over-the-counter without a prescription from your doctor. Most of the ingredients are likely safe to use during pregnancy, but their effects on pregnancy are not fully known. The active ingredient in most cough drops is menthol. Menthol helps treat a cough and sore throat by cooling your throat and reducing throat irritation. There are no studies that assess the safety of menthol during pregnancy. Food and Drug Administration.

Cough Drops That Are Safe to Use While Pregnant

Quick & Easy Cold/Flu Remedies while Pregnant


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