Can red eared sliders and painted turtles live together

What Species of Turtles Do Well Together?

can red eared sliders and painted turtles live together

Basking turtles on the whole can have success in living together, but always Don't assume that a red-eared slider or painted turtle can get along with just any .

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While your pet turtle is content to live alone, some pet turtles cohabitate well and thrive with others. While you should generally house tortoises with members of their own species, and a few aggressive species cannot have any cage mates, many aquatic and terrestrial turtle species cohabitate well. By choosing species that inhabit different niches, you can maximize cage space and achieve success with a multi-species vivarium. For example, red-eared sliders Trachemys scripta elegans are aquatic, diurnal, omnivorous turtles that spend a lot of time near the surface of the water. Other turtles that share these preferences -- painted turtles Chrysemys picta , river cooters Pseudemys concinna and yellow-bellied sliders Trachemys scripta scripta -- are said to share the same niche. An example from a different niche would be stinkpot turtles Sternotherus odoratus , who are nocturnal, aquatic scavengers that walk along the bottom of rivers and ponds.

Painted turtles are very attractive aquatic turtles with a far-reaching range within the U. Well deserving of their common name, painted turtles are one of the most attractive varieties of pond turtle native to North America. Their range extends from the Pacific coast to the Atlantic coast and from Canada to northern Mexico, making them one of the most widespread species, as well. Inhabiting practically any slow-moving or still body of freshwater within their range makes painted turtles one of the most commonly encountered turtles, and their vivid coloration makes them one of the most recognizable. There are four types of painted turtles: the eastern painted turtle Chrysemys picta picta , the midland painted turtle C. Although their native ranges vary hence, their common names , their habits and captive care requirements are very similar.

Please write in for specific information on these and other turtles. Unfortunately, their needs are often not appreciated by new owners, who are usually surprised at how quickly their pets grow. It also has the widest introduced range of any reptile, with populations established in Brazil, Japan, New Zealand and over 40 other countries. The 13 Map Turtle species are also confined to North America. The Black-Knobbed Map and others sport uniquely-ridged shells and fantastic patterns. Semi-aquatic turtles quickly learn to associate their owners with food, and will paddle over to beg when you approach. Most feed readily from the hand, and they may even reproduce.

Painted turtles are named as such because of their ornate shell markings but they may also be known as Chrysemys picta , the Eastern painted turtle, the Southern painted turtle, the midland painted turtle, or the Western painted turtle. Regardless of what you call them though, painted turtles require special attention paid to their water quality, enclosure temperatures, and the food they are fed in order to provide optimal care to these aquatic turtles. The average painted turtle grows to be between four and ten inches long with males being smaller than the females. In the wild, painted turtles can live to be over 50 years old and are found in ponds and around small lakes, often congregating on logs to sun themselves and dry off. In colder weather, they will hibernate. Like other aquatic turtles, such as map turtles and red eared sliders , painted turtles are not ideal for households with small children or immune compromised individuals. Salmonella is something all reptiles can harbor and everyone should wash their hands before and after handling any aquatic turtle.

RES also have a rumored tendency to get aggressive It all depends on your turtle as Reedbird said RES are known to be a little more aggressive but who knows what will happen. If you have a big enough tank and all go for it! But just remeber if there is agression you must seperate them which means new tank, new filter, new heater My eastern painted is missing a good size chunk off of her tail due to a RES which is how I got her; the guy I got her from had her in a tank with other RES and didn't monitor their behavior, because of this he had to get rid of her, and I took her in.

Red-Eared Slider, Map and Painted Turtles Semi-Aquatic Turtle Care

Painted Turtle vs Red-eared Slider

With their brightly colored markings and wide-range across North America, the painted turtle is one of the most common turtles that people come across out in the wild. There are four types of painted turtle, all of which are essentially classified according to their range; the eastern painted, midland painted, western painted and southern painted turtle. If you are ever curious about how exactly to identify the different species of painted turtles, I would suggest reading this short, simple article I wrote here:. Next to the red eared slider, the painted turtle is perhaps the most common type of pet turtle in North America, and as they regularly live upwards of 25 to 30 years, they can make great lifelong companions. Female painted turtles can reach sizes of up to 10 inches 25cm , although their male counterparts will typically be a little smaller. Usually, it is quite easy to spot a painted turtle; he or she will have black skin and a smooth, sleek, dark-colored carapace shell that is separated by deep lines that make up the different shell sections called lutes.

Western Painted Turtle Chrysemys picta. The Western Painted Turtle co-occurs with the introduced Red-eared Slider Trachemys scripta elegans in many areas of its range and may be confused with this species. Both species are similar in size and carapace colouration. However, the carapace of the Red-eared Slider is higher domed than that of the Western Painted Turtle and is weakly keeled. Characteristics that most obviously distinguish the Slider include yellow marginal scutes, a yellow plastron covered in dark, blotchy markings, and a red ear mark located just behind the eye although this ear mark is not always visible in older specimens. Like the Western Painted Turtle, male Sliders are smaller than females, and have long claws on the forefeet that are used during courtship Bunnell Range and Habitats: Distribution of Painted Turtles.

A red-eared slider is as common as a painted turtle as a pet. But have you ever wondered can a painted turtle live with a red eared slider? As I am a turtle lover and painted turtles are one of the most favorite species of mine, I have done detailed research about their companions. In this particular article, you will get to know if a painted turtle can live with a red-eared slider or not. Well, the answer is yes! Painted turtle and red-eared sliders may live together.

Painted Turtles as Pets






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