My rabbit had babies can i touch them

Newborn Baby Rabbit Care

my rabbit had babies can i touch them

When to Check On Newborn Rabbits - The SR Rabbit Update 4-9-18

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If you pick up a baby rabbit incorrectly, they could get hurt. Newborn rabbit kits are small and fragile. It can feel a bit intimidating to pick up a newborn rabbit. This is especially true with rabbits. If you handle them too roughly, or accidentally drop them, they could get injured or die.

It IS important to touch your baby rabbits. Very important. There are several reasons. You need to make sure there are not any dead ones that can contaminate the nest. You need to see if they are being fed. You need to make sure none have gone missing. Also, you need to check their bottoms.

If you are ever confronted with questions on baby bunny care-domestic, not wild Only rarely does a mother rabbit nurse her young right after giving birth.
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So you found out or suspect that your female rabbit or doe is pregnant. Now what? You should know a few things in order to prepare the doe and her cage for the pregnancy, as well as how to help ensure the health of the newborn baby rabbits or kits. To care for newborn rabbits, make sure they're nursing from their mother for the first 8 weeks after they're born. If they're not nursing, contact a vet immediately so they can help. Also, start to introduce pellet food 2 weeks after the rabbits are born so they start to wean off of milk. Try to handle the newborn rabbits as little as possible during the first 8 weeks.

That was wonderful information! Thank you so much. However, I have a question. My doe surprised us by having a litter tonight of 8. She is indoors in a bought rabbit cage, plastic floor, metal wired sides, etc. She started pulling her hair and basically lined the cage this morning.

Keeping Baby Bunnies Safe Touch them, keep them warm and dry.





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