Explain the ethical and social responsibility issues facing managers today

Business Ethics and Social Responsibility

explain the ethical and social responsibility issues facing managers today

The growing prevalence of CSR within the corporate environment has heightened many managers' awareness of ethical issues and of their.

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Businesses face the challenge of having to make profits and being socially responsible at the same time. Large corporations that are accountable to shareholders and sole proprietorships alike consistently make difficult choices that come with varying consequences. Socially responsible businesses pay their labor force a decent living wage, offer health benefits and safe working conditions. Many small businesses would not be able to operate, however, if they paid more than minimum wage, offered employees full-time hours and provided health insurance for workers and their families. Moving manufacturing offshore to third world countries is an option some businesses choose to keep consumer prices down and remain competitive. While many business owners would prefer to support a local labor force, they often cannot afford to keep the doors open by meeting local worker demands. Businesses follow these environmental regulations to keep operating and avoid large fines.

How important is it for organizations and managers to be socially responsible and ethical? Focus on the following learning outcomes as you read and study this chapter. For each pair of shoes it sells, it donates a pair to a child in need. Founded by Blake Mycoskle, who experienced firsthand the injuries that children suffer when they have no shoes, the business concept is one of mixing charity with commerce. TOMS is popular with teens and twenty-somethings and has donated almost half a million shoes so far. For Blake Mycoskle, the ability for TOMS to produce a profit is just as important as his commitment to social responsibility.

Ethical Problems Faced by the Manager

Discuss current social responsibility and ethics issues. .. Explain the ethical and social responsibility issues facing managers today.
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