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bryant and stratton college online

Online education at Bryant & Stratton College provides students with the.

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Students can graduate in as few as nine months and apply course credits toward degree programs. On average, students can earn a certificate in just nine months, preparing them for positions in business, healthcare, human resources and criminal justice fields. Courses are online and led by credentialed instructors. These new online certificate programs offer students an opportunity to quickly gain the training necessary to qualify for positions in some of the fastest growing fields. Affordable payment plan options are available. Once students successfully complete their certificate program, they receive a free career coaching session with an advisor to discuss their career aspirations and how their certificate and future education can help them achieve their goals.

Other than location, there is no difference between earning an online or campus-based degree. Online courses are similar to face-to-face courses in quality, objectives, credits and learning outcomes. Just as with any other class, you'll be assigned reading tasks, homework and other work to complete. Your work will be graded. You will have weekly discussion assignments just like what happens in a traditional classroom lecture with your instructor and your classmates.

Students consider the flexibility of online classes for many reasons, work and family commitments, geography - the list is endless! Online learning puts you in control of the time and place of your class, allowing you to plan your study time around the rest of your day. Instead of the other way around. While all of our classes do have specified due dates for assignments, students have the freedom to follow a schedule that works best for them. Students take two classes at a time over a seven-and-a-half week session. These sessions run within a traditional 15 week semester, which means students are taking a full time course load while only having to juggle two classes at any time.

So what are the advantages of using an online diploma program — as compared to traditional on-campus education — for the average, career-minded individual? Diploma-level programs can provide a relatively short path to the training, knowledge and credentials you need to get your foot in the door of your chosen field. Online diploma programs can often be completed more quickly, since the virtual classroom offers more semesters of study each year than are offered in traditional, campus-based programs. Getting qualified for work in your field more quickly via an online diploma program can help you get into a good, entry-level position sooner. If you are already in an entry-level position, and need that diploma for career advancement, sooner is certainly better. If earning a diploma is a stepping stone in a larger education or career-building plan, getting into the workforce quickly gets you started on gaining practical, hands-on experience in your field as you work towards earning an associate or bachelor degree.

Why Choose an Online Diploma

Earning a bachelor degree is important to any career-minded person; opening the door to better job options and greater earning potential., With no set class times, students have the opportunity to log in and participate in their courses at a time that suits them best each day. Each course does have a specific weekly due date for assignments, but students have the flexibility to do their coursework on a daily basis without worrying about being in front of their computer at a specific time.

Online Degrees



Getting a degree online can prepare you for a new career in the field of your.
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    Online learning puts you in control of the time and place of your class, allowing.

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