Cheech and chong car scene up in smoke

Cheech and Chong "Up in Smoke" Exhibit at the GRAMMY Museum

cheech and chong car scene up in smoke

Cheeck Chong Up In Smoke Low Rider


Including a majority of Americans agreeing with the legalization of marijuana. He is also a very wise man of impeccable taste his collection of Chicano art is world-class , who has found fame and fortune in multiple areas of the entertainment industry comedy, live performances, recordings, books, films, TV, voiceovers, etc. LIVE presents Still Rollin' - Celebrating 40 Years of Up in Smoke , an exhibition commemorating the film that continues to be a rite of passage, and joint-passing, well into the 21st century. A lot of people wanted to refer to us as radicals, or dangerous. We always thought we were middle of the road.

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Cheech and Chong on 40th anniversary of 'Up in Smoke': "It was: 'We represent the norm: middle-of-the-road-dopers. You just don't realize it yet. Almost a half a century has passed since the two comedians met in Vancouver, launching an enduring improv routine that they still regularly perform live on the road. And even now that each is in his 70s, they still seem to have the same spark pun intended. Cheech and Chong established a social currency with Up in Smoke that Hollywood had severely underestimated — a film about a subculture it had been ignoring — and, as both critics and audiences embraced it, it helped signal a turning point for comedy. For Marin, though, the thing that strikes him when he watches it today is the approach to comedy. We let the audience decide what was funny, instead of chopping it up with real short edits.

No one was doing their brand of stoner improv comedy at the time in movies, and no one wanted to follow them and just be Cheech and Chong copycats. This is the norm. It worked to change the image of Latinos in pop culture. And it even helped change the face of comedy. But before they can do that, they have to find a joint. It then shows a disgruntled Man Chong making a smoothie in his home while his stiff parents chew him out and threaten to send him to military school. In a conversation with TheWrap, Tommy Chong explained how these introductions were designed to shine a spotlight on different segments of the population, changing the image of an aggressive MS gang member to a fun-loving car enthusiast.

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Cheech & Chongs Up in Smoke

Cheech and Chong on 40 Years of ‘Up in Smoke’: ‘Real Life Drove Everything’

Much of the film was shot in Los Angeles, California , including scenes set in Tijuana , while scenes set on the Mexican border were actually filmed at the border in Yuma, Arizona. While negatively received upon its release, Up in Smoke is credited with establishing the stoner comedy genre and is now considered a classic. Anthony "Man" Stoner Tommy Chong , [4] a jobless, marijuana-smoking drummer , is told to either get a job by sundown or be sent off to military school by his parents. Anthony leaves the house in a Volkswagen Beetle convertible which had his father's Rolls Royce radiator grille on the front , a car which is subsequently left smoking on the side of the road. Anthony is picked up while hitchhiking by the equally enthusiastic smoker Pedro de Pacas Cheech Marin.


Hitchhiking scene - Up In Smoke

Cheech & Chong's "Up in Smoke," 40 years later





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    The film opens with Cheech's Pedro climbing into his car as War's song “Low Rider” One scene that stands out today involves a Mexican family calling Before “Up in Smoke,” Cheech and Chong had been a successful.

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