Drop all tables and stored procedures in sql server

How to drop all tables, stored procedure, view and triggers from database

drop all tables and stored procedures in sql server

CREATE, ALTER, EXECUTE and DROP a stored Procedure in SQL

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Loading, please wait In this article, I have explained how to drop all tables, stored procedures, views and triggers from the database. This task is difficult when we have so much quantity of tables, stored procedures and views in the database. In this article, I have shared script to delete all tables, stored procedure and views from the database with the single command. Become An Author.

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Is there any way in which I can clean a database in SQl Server by dropping all the tables and deleting stored procedures, triggers, constraints and all the.
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I needed a quick and reusable way to drop all SQL server objects from an Azure database. The objective was to have some kind of process to clean up and prep the database before the main deployment is kicked off. And given that I am particularly biased towards using a sql script my search for a solution focused around it. In addition to actually dropping the artifacts, the script should be aware of the order in which it should do it - that is to drop the most dependent objects first and work its way towards the least dependent ones. And my nice-to-have feature is to be able to parameterize the schema name so that it could be used with a multi-tenant database schema. This would open up the Generate and Publish Scripts dialog. First, navigate to the Choose Objects tab and select all the objects that need to be dropped.

Stored procedure is a set of logical SQL statements to perform a specific task such as insert, select, update and delete operations on a table and so on which is stored in a SQL Server database. We don't need to compile again these stored procedure at using time. It makes stored procedure faster than execution of normal SQL statement. You can drop all stored procedures from a particular database in SQL Server This is very useful for dropping large number of stored procedures because it will be very difficult to drop procedures one by one.

By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie Policy , Privacy Policy , and our Terms of Service. Setup a private space for you and your coworkers to ask questions and share information. Is there any way in which I can clean a database in SQl Server by dropping all the tables and deleting stored procedures, triggers, constraints and all the dependencies in one SQL statement? I want to have a DB script for cleaning up an existing DB which is not in use rather than creating new ones, especially when you have to put in a request to your DB admin and wait for a while to get it done! For the stored procedures I'm afraid you will need another stored procedure stored in master. I tried some of the script here, but they didn't work for me, as I have my tables in schemas.

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I think you meant to delete all NON-system tables. BTW, as a precaution to your script you should have added. I want to do this in MS Access database. Delete all tables. Is there a hidden SP here also? Code Snippet --Delete All Keys. P4RINT '?





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    Delete all tables in SQL Server database?

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