Command and conquer generals zero hour mods reborn

command and conquer generals zero hour mods reborn

One of the oldest and most played mod for Zero Hour is back! Zero Hour Reborn is a mod for C&C Generals Zero Hour that adds a lot of new.


It brings to the main game a new faction Russia with new units, special powers, abilities and upgrades. Also it changes all other factions to un believable level by remaking their core units and adding new. Turns the main game play by making it more realistic and fun. To real war feeling! Current version is 0.

To fill out this checklist, please add the following code to the template call:.
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Welcome Guest! Hello, this is my first real tutorial for anything really. So please forgive me if it sucks at all. Note that this is for PC users, I have no idea if anything's different for a Mac or anything. Tutorial: First, download mod.

This is a partial conversion of Zero Hour. The changes are many, but to give you a taste: Complete graphical overhaul, including HDR effects; texture changes; new units and factions; new AI; new maps and much much more. Generals HD Graphic Pack - small content pack that changes the graphical component to the best as possible so that it is possible to play on the network. This mod revitalizes the visuals of the game in stunning detail. Water looks gorgeous and crystalline, buildings look more detailed and better textured, and units look more fierce and animated than ever. If you want a Generals experience that can stand up to the looks of more recent games, this just might be the perfect fit.

Command and conquer general zero hour mods

This is a. Maps sold separately :P This is a. - For more information, click on the links below! Alternate Download Link: Thepom

C&C Generals - Zero Hour Reborn The Last Stand - Gameplay - Ships Battle





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