Tan luxe before and after

This One Product Gave These Editors Their Glowiest Skin Ever

tan luxe before and after

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Tan Luxe is a safer way to get a sun-kissed glow. Tan Luxe. I still remember my first self-tanner faux pas. It was in high school, and with shorts season approaching, I was dabbling in Jergen's Natural Glow in an attempt to add some sort of color to my fair skin. Much to my chagrin, that color turned out to be orange, and it manifested itself in a big triangle on a patch of dry skin on my left leg — only to be publicly pointed out by a fitness instructor. I've had a lot of bad experiences with self-tanner and I'm sure many others have the same complaints — the color doesn't blend well, smells funky, and leaves unnatural streaks on the skin's surface. Then again, I've had even worse experiences with natural tanning methods aka the sun and I know my pale pals can agree — a summer glow is not worth the excruciating pain of a peeling sunburn.

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The Water is not only non-toxic, but also vegan and cruelty-free! The best part? The formula eliminates a lot of the fuss associated with the typical self-tanner. On dry skin, spray generously, and then blend using a mitt or your hands using large circular motions. Make sure to lightly cover any dry areas, including ankles, knees, and elbows, and do your hands and feet last.

When it comes to tanning, we're not at all opposed to dosing our body in self-tan so that come morning, we're all kinds of glowy. Call us precious, but we'd rather spend the time applying a product than sitting in the sun for hours also, since we live in the UK, sunny weather is hard to come by. We've tried and tested bottle after bottle of self-tanners , but one has reigned supreme time and time again. Keep scrolling to see what three editors had to say about it. She told me it was all down to this simple oil. All you do is pop a couple of drops of it into your moisturiser or serum in the morning. I was on board straight away and am still using it months later.

This is the first installment of a major self-tanner journey for the next few weeks! I realized I amassed quite a few different brands and types of self-tanners, and I wanted to dedicate this pre-warm weather period to making my way through each product I own and sharing my reviews and experience with the products. At the end I'll summarize what some of my top picks would be for different situations! I tried to be thorough, so these are gonna get lengthy, but leave any questions you might have below! A note on skin prep! Prior to tanning my face, I usually do a physical exfoliation just to get rid of any dry patches or flakes that the tanner might want to hang on to. Now, onto the first round of self-tanning products!

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tan luxe tanning products: Hannah Almassi Who What Wear We've tried and tested bottle after bottle of self-tanners, but one has reigned I know because I used it a few weeks back at midnight before a early morning flight.
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    For my before and after test, I applied the Tan-Luxe The Water self-tanner on just the one leg so I could compare it side-by-side with my other.

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    Then again, I've had even worse experiences with natural tanning methods (aka the sun) and I know my pale pals can agree — a summer glow.

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