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19 Best Moments From The 'Parks & Rec' Premiere

morning star parks and rec

Well, I was wrong, because at the beginning of Season 7, I found myself within a three year feud between Ron and Leslie, the two Parks & Rec.

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We finally got to see what everyone was up to in , and things definitely didn't turn as expected. Old friends are now enemies, there were two awesome cameos and a decent amount of spontaneous nudity. Here's what happened:. Image via Tumblr. US Edition US. HuffPost Personal Video Horoscopes. Newsletters Coupons.

How could one of the best non-romantic dynamic duos on television suddenly turn on each other? Though Leslie joyfully agreed to meet him, she stood Ron up because of work. How did the episode come to fruition? EW caught up with executive producer Mike Schur to find out:. Mike Schur: It was one of the first ideas we had for the season. Their relationship has always been the center of the show in many ways; the philosophical center and emotional center of the show. To put them both in a room and let them talk to each other, that was as simple as the idea was.

This season differs from any other season of Parks and Recreation , in that it details a much larger story arc for the characters, showcasing their growth over the course of the show. Also included is the rise of fictional tech company Gryzzl taking over Pawnee, Leslie's plea to Sweetums for a Pawnee National Park, and the eventual career departures of the gang from the Parks department. The first 12 episodes were aired within six weeks by airing two each week, back-to-back. The seventh season of Parks and Recreation overall, as well as the series finale, received universal praise from critics. The writers knew it wasn't enough to just send everyone off into the future. They knew we needed to see that future. Not just for peace of mind, but because we've all become so lovingly invested in the characters.

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Parks and Recreation - Ron's Unkindest Cut for Leslie (Episode Highlight)

Leslie & Ron

It's hard not to love Indiana's most dedicated public servant on Parks and Recreation , Leslie Knope. She gives her heart and soul to Pawnee even when the city's terrible citizens treat her horribly for her efforts, and she always bounces back with bigger ideas and brighter energy. Even so, we can't deny that Leslie has had many less-than-perfect moments. It would be a boring show if she didn't! Occasionally, Leslie has even been a bit of a menace. When Leslie is furious about how disreputable the chard booth at the farmer's market has become, she attempts to use her power as the city manager's wife to shut them down. When Ben tries to set boundaries between work and home business, she doesn't respect them and puts him in a tough position.

We didn't know then what the issue between the two was, just that it was called Morning Star, but on Tuesday's episode we finally learned what happened between the two. And if you ask me, the beef was well-deserved. So what was the Morning Star incident? Well, we learned during a Ron and Leslie lock-in what really happened, and it involves Leslie's most important baby of the entire series: The Pawnee Commons. Turns out, in November when Ron quit the Parks Department and started his own business he didn't even tell Leslie that he was planning on doing it.

This article contains spoilers for the Parks and Recreation show. Continue at your own risk.






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