Target roofing and sheet metal

Target Roofing and Sheet Metal Careers and Employment

target roofing and sheet metal

Target Roofing provides targeted commercial roofing services in SWFL. Turn to Like these businesses, you can trust Target Roofing & Sheet Metal with your.


Tapered saddles were installed between drains and behind unit curbs. A Fibertite TPO membrane was then mechanically fastened to the deck and the seams heat welded. Metal Era extruded aluminum perimeter metal was then installed. Challenge: Because of the size of the project, the amount of penetrations, the taller than average parapet walls and a winter construction staying on schedule and providing a leak free system during construction was a challenge. Target is well known for its strict specification and thorough post installation roof inspection. Completing the project without having any punchlist items was a proud accomplishment for the SRS Roofing and Sheet Metal crew.

For many of us, that means we have to fire up the grill for lunch instead of dinner, stash an umbrella in the car and leave the pool when the sky starts rumbling. For others in our community, however, it means six months of catching raindrops leaking into the house, chasing out critters or insects seeking refuge and constantly worrying that the next heavy downpour could cause structural damage. Having a roof in poor condition can make life miserable. Leaks contribute to wood rot, damaged insulation, ruined drywall and warped flooring. There are health and safety concerns, too, as water intrusion can present serious electrical issues and foster growth of dangerous mold. Ants, mice, rats, squirrels and birds also can find their way inside the smallest of openings. As a fifth-generation roofer, I've seen a lot of bad roofs throughout my career missing or dislodged shingles, cracked tiles, rotted decking, flashing that has come loose, ponding water and outright holes in the roof.

Outside Roofing Salesmen, Preferred at least three years of experience but open to candidates with excellent sales talent. We will train the right talent. Experience in selling solar, home security systems, roofing, windows, siding or other construction is helpful. Company, is a preeminent, residential re-roofing company, seeks an experienced General Manager to manage the sales andů. Attend networking groups related to commercial roofing to attain and maintain existing clients. Is a full service Florida licensed roofing contractor and a Florida licensed building contractor specializing in residential and commercial roofing. Company, is a leading residential roofing company, seeks an experienced sales professional to acquire new, residential, tile roof accounts.

Years in Business: 4.
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Davis Trailer Park, Florida. The owner is good people. Target just replaced our roof. They did an excellent job. During the process, their Liason kept us informed and up to date on the time schedule. The work men on the roof proved to be very skilled, hardworking and polite.

Hours of Operation View all Show less. I am fabricator at attibelle. So happy with this company. I am from kerala came to hosur for roofing material for our site at mysooru I visited target roofing and sheet metal I was impressed and given order if sheets. I received material as per schedule within time rates are very good n service super surely I will take material in future also. Login to view your friends ratings.


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