Shake and bake crank recipe

COP cooks METH. Shows how easy it is.

shake and bake crank recipe

It is a made-up recipie published by some idiot who wants to see how many people can blow themselves up trying it. The original real.

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You are now logged in. Forgot your password? The new formula does away with the clutter of typical meth labs, and it can turn the back seat of a car or a bathroom stall into a makeshift drug factory. Some addicts have even made the drug while driving. The pills are crushed, combined with some common household chemicals and then shaken in the soda bottle. No flame is required….

Law Enforcement authorities across California and the United States are seeing a boom in a small-scale methamphetamine manufacturing done in soda bottles drug makers seem to prefer a 2 Liter Mountain Dew bottle. All the needed materials can be easily purchased at any local convenience store and carried, transported, and hidden in easily concealable areas such as backpacks or small storage containers. In fact, one would-be manufacturer was recently caught in California shopping for supplies at a local Walmart while he was actively cooling methamphetamine in his backpack. Now the shake-and-bake method has made methamphetamine easier and faster to make but also has a significantly increased danger of explosions, burns, and toxic exposures. When the ingredients — which include lithium strips from batteries , sodium hydroxide drain cleaner , ammonium nitrate from cold packs or fertilizer and camping-stove fuel — are mixed together to generate meth, the chemical reactions inside the bottle can race out of control and by generating extremely high heat through the volatile exothermic reaction which can ignite or even explode.

Seeking addiction treatment can feel overwhelming. We know the struggle, which is why we're uniquely qualified to help. Your call is confidential, and there's no pressure to commit to treatment until you're ready. As a voluntary facility, we're here to help you heal -- on your terms. Our sole focus is getting you back to the healthy, sober life you deserve, and we are ready and waiting to answer your questions or concerns. The base of meth is usually something like pseudoephedrine, which is often found in cold or allergy medicines. Then, during an extremely dangerous and explosive process using chemicals like ammonia and acetone, meth is created.

While most of the meth in the United States comes from the super labs - those that can produce more than 10 pounds of meth in 24 hours - in Mexico or California, smaller labs are still active and problematic. Recipes for cooking meth can be found on the Internet and making meth is said to be as easy as making chocolate chip cookies.
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The DoseNation Podcast brings you weekly news and talk on drugs, science, consciousness, spirituality, politics, and more. Visit DoseNation. Weekly news, talk, and interviews. This is the new formula for methamphetamine: a two-liter soda bottle, a few handfuls of cold pills and some noxious chemicals. Shake the bottle and the volatile reaction produces one of the world's most addictive drugs Drug users are making their own meth in small batches using a faster, cheaper and much simpler method with ingredients that can be carried in a knapsack and mixed on the run.

The production of methamphetamine — and the desire to consume it — is seemingly unstoppable. When precursor chemicals are brought under tight control in one country, like the United States, production simply moves to another country, such as Mexico. When Mexican authorities clamp down, it moves farther south, or into Europe or Asia. Then, the finished product is shipped right back into the very countries that have waged such a battle to eradicate it in the first place. Most meth smuggled into the United States is made in large labs — "superlabs" — in Mexico. There are many small meth labs in operation in the United States, but these mostly serve to feed the habits of the amateur cooks themselves. The production of methamphetamine has been made more difficult by federal regulations, like the Combat Methamphetamine Act of , aimed at controlling the flow of precursor chemicals such as ephedrine and pseudoephedrine found in some cold remedies , as well as other necessary components.

A method of manufacturing methamphetamine, designed to get around laws restricting the sale of the ingredients needed to make meth is even more dangerous than the old makeshift meth labs, authorities say. Also known as the "one-pot" or "shake and bake" method, in this scenario meth is produced in a two-liter soda bottle. The old meth labs required hundreds of pseudoephedrine pills, containers heated over open flames and cans of flammable liquids. The cooking process created foul odors making the labs difficult to conceal and often sparked explosions. The shake and bake method requires only a few pseudoephedrine pills, circumventing laws passed restricting the sale of large quantities of over-the-counter decongestants, cold, and allergy remedies.

Shake & Bake

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