Diners drive ins and dives locations in san diego ca

Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives in San Diego, California

diners drive ins and dives locations in san diego ca


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Saw this on an episode of Diners Drive-Ins and Dives, so we thought, why not try a place that's already been reviewed, while knowing the food would be good! Great burger, and our waiter was friendly and helpful! We didn't have a hotel booked for the area, and he gave us suggestions! Mary, thank you so much for coming in and trying Crest Cafe! We love hearing about our customers experiences and hope to see you again soon. Crest Cafe is a highly recommended joint for breakfast in San Diego. It offers a full menu and not only breakfast stuff which is great for us!

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Read more about us. Come in, sit back and relax. We will take care of the rest. This place makes me feel at home, the service is first class, and the food is the best of its kind in town from liver and onions to lamb shanks wonderful breakfast food, but dinner is the magic here, the prime rib leaves you with a memory that keeps you warm for days then when you add scallops, your in heaven plus, i have a secret crush on one of the servers too! Real food means made from scratch with high quality ingredients and no pre-mixed products that you add water or microwave hot.

Each has welcomed Guy Fieri, the high-energy, spiky-haired, red Camaro-driving host of the show who talks with the owners and chefs about the specialties they serve. Shortly after Studio Diner was featured, Phillips found one of those Fieri followers in his place. In San Diego, he ate both dinner and breakfast at Studio Diner, then planned to hit more eateries along the road back. Fieri originally came to feature the chicken cordon bleu but then discovered the half-pound cinnamon rolls. Since the show, Fieri and Hardin have become friends and have done projects together.

American Restaurant & Diner San Diego, CA

Visit all the near Flavortown San Diego diner locations that have been featured on the DDD List of Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives Located near San Diego, CA.
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