Shailene woodley and morgan freeman

2017 As Predicted By 'Parks and Rec'

shailene woodley and morgan freeman

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On Tuesday, Parks and Recreation will say goodbye. In addition to being hilarious and heartfelt, the final season of Parks was - literally - ahead of its time because of the jump ahead to Just like Back to the Future Part II gave viewers a slice of hope about hoverboards and self-tying shoe laces in , the Parks writers took many opportunities to craft a very crazy future. While it may not be as wonderful as a world in which President William Henry Harrison wore a coat, the Great Depression lasted just a week and The Wire swept the Emmys - we can dream can't we? In the words of Pawnee tastemaker Annabel Porter, let's "binge-watch the future":.

For its final season, Parks and Recreation has left us with a wonderful gift: a glimpse into the future. Otherwise, our old pals from the Pawnee Parks and Rec Department are pretty much the same. Season 7, episodes 2 and 6. Jack Sparrow is a character on Game of Thrones. And he is apparently marrying Daenerys Targaryen. Season 7, episode 4. The Cubs won the World Series.

Episode 1: Apparently is the year of Kevin James. Episode The Verizon-Exxon-Chipotle conglomerate Verxxotle sounds benign enough, but the real question is what horrific many-headed hydra will TimeWarner Cable become? Tupac look tame. What could have kicked off the discontent between the two seemingly-chill actors? And more importantly, are you Team Morgan or Team Shailene? Episode 2: The future is a bright and undetermined place where anything you imagine could be possible, but the Cubs winning it all is really stretching the limits of belief.

Morgan Freeman and Shailene Woodley have a massive and dramatic feud. Nicki Minaj threw shade at Jesse Eisenberg at the BAFTAs.
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21 False 2017 Predictions And 6 True Ones Made By "Parks And Rec"

The Late Late Show - [2014.10.23] - Shailene Woodley

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Morgan Freeman and Shailene Woodley feud. Luckily, Shailene was a little too busy starring in Big Little Lies to fight with cinematic legends.
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    While this never happened thankfully , Matt Damon DID reprise his role as Jason Bourne in , which was his first time playing the character in nine years.

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    Warning: The following article has many puns and jokes from the show "Parks and Recreation" that may not be clear to those who have not seen the show.

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    r/OutOfTheLoop: A subreddit to help you keep up to date with what's going on with reddit and other stuff.

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    It's been more than two years since the last Parks and Recreation episode aired, but thanks to Netflix, the show is still as beloved as ever.

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    The Future of Pop Culture, According to Parks and Recreation

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