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AJ Cook on Law & Order : SVU - Mask ( 2011)

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Mariska has had weight issues for several years now. There has been a distinct belly that makes it look like she's pregnant. But given how long it has been going on, that is unlikely. Having Benson ans Stabler working separately is most likely the result of the last contracts for Chris and Mariska. One of the things they were reported to have asked for was more time off during filming. That would lead to more scenes when only one is working while the other has off. As for Mariska having less screen time in general, look at the earlier episodes from this season.

Sign in. David Oyelowo Don't Let Go , Selma fills in the blanks on his career, including one credit he wishes he could get a do-over on. Watch now. Ann Jackson comes home to find her partner Debbie Shields being raped by a man wearing a haunting mask, and Ann is beaten and put in critical condition. As detectives Benson and Stabler interrogate Ann's father, Captain Jackson, his sordid past is revealed filled with sexual and alcohol addiction. Jackson's new role as a sex therapist is hindering the detectives from getting the information they need to solve the case and if Jackson won't comply, the detectives are going to have to get creative.

Despite the gravity of the subject matter, the handling of the lesbian couple was done sensitively and delicately, without it being a point of conflict in a situation already fraught with pain and suffering. Debbie, played by A. Cook , is attacked and raped by a masked man, who thereafter assaults Ann when she comes home. Detectives Benson played by the ever-so-lovely Mariska Hargitay and Stabler are on the case, and when they arrive at the hospital to check on the terrorized couple, realize that Debbie is actually Dr. People like you should be stomped out like bugs.

Next Episode Previous Episode. When a woman is raped by a masked man with her domestic partner tied on the bed beside them, Benson and Stabler try to identify the man.
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At the end of the season, Neal Baer resigned his position as showrunner. Production resumed in the Chelsea Piers studio. Australian newspaper Courier-Mail reported in February that season twelve would be Christopher Meloni 's last, after his comment to the reporter that "I think 12 years is enough, a good number" was misunderstood. Meloni later clarified that, at the time, he had one year left on his contract and the show had not been picked up. He also said "[i]t wasn't [the reporter's] fault", and that he would continue on the show as long as it is picked up.

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Law & Order Special Victims Unit S12 - Ep13 Mask HD Watch

“Law & Order: SVU” mini-cap: “Mask”

When a woman is raped by a masked man with her domestic partner tied on the bed beside them, Benson and Stabler try to identify the man. Ann Jackson is left in critical condition, but her partner remembers details that strike a chord in Ann's father's memory. Unfortunately, Captain Jackson is a psychiatrist who invokes privilege, which leaves Benson and Stabler to investigate the doctor and what turns out to be quite a colorful and dissolute history. The detectives are called in to investigate the rape of a woman named Debbie as well as the physical attack on Debbie's domestic partner, Ann, which left her unconscious. Benson wishes to talk to Debbie to have a rape kit done, but it turns out Debbie is a surgeon and is operating on Ann. She doesn't have the time to consent to the kit. Ann's father, Captain Jackson, is visiting her in the hospital.






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