Jorja smith lost and found lyrics

Jorja Smith - Lost & Found

jorja smith lost and found lyrics

Lost & Found Lyrics: Yeah like that, sounds cool / Why do we all fall down with innocence still on the ground? / Ohhh ohh ohh ohhhh / Why do.

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Last year, Jorja Smith was a name I was only semi-familiar with. Smith even revealed that she and Lamar wrote her track in a mere four hours. Though undeservedly under the radar, Smith has been creating music for the last two years. The album is heartbreakingly personal; I felt like she was divulging her whole heart to me during my first full listen-through. In an interview with Genius, Smith explained that the song was inspired by interviews she conducted with schoolchildren for a film class she was taking in her hometown of Walsall, United Kingdom. Given the recent events and dialogue surrounding police brutality and the misuse of police power, Smith engages with the issue in a very unique way.

Why do we all fall down with innocence? Still on the ground Why do we all fall down all apart On the lost and found? I never thought I would ever find Something so assured but so fine. I fantasized that you come around Focus in your dreams turn to reality So tell me how am I ever gonna find love in you If I do not even know what I want from you 'Cause we both want different things Why can't this be one common thing? I never thought I would ever find Something so assured but so fine Why do we all fall down with innocence?

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The song was picked up by Stormzy , Skrillex and notably Drake , who would go on to feature Smith on his playlist, More Life The rise in popularity led Smith to release her debut EP , Project 11 and begin work on her debut studio album. Writing and recording for the album took place over five years in London and Los Angeles. Internationally the album performed moderately making appearances on charts in the United States, Australia, New Zealand and Ireland. In at the age of 18, Smith moved to London and was living with her aunt and uncle, working as a Starbucks barista, spending breaks recording lyrics into Voicenotes on her phone.

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Lost & Found

Jorja Smith's 'Lost & Found' Is Your Soundtrack to the Loneliest Summer Nights

The greatest love songs are rarely about love, at least in the traditional sense. They lack the stereotypical certainty and wholeheartedness that you might find in a Hallmark card or the ending of a romantic comedy. The most profound love songs are often found in the early and complicated stages of primal lust, or in a much distant future when that love has already been lost. For Smith, the concepts of love, lust, loss, fantastical versus realistic feelings, and regret are all fluid points along a much bigger spectrum of the human experience. There are no fairytale endings, nor even the finality or closure of an ended relationship, only the turmoil of joyous and regretful moments coexisting together.





Jorja Smith’s ‘Lost & Found’ Is a Lyrical, Confessional Tour de Force






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