Bushworld adventures rick and morty

6 Questions You Probably Had After Watching “Rick and Morty: Bushworld Adventures”

bushworld adventures rick and morty

There were probably two kinds of people who were awake long enough to watch the new “Rick and Morty” episode that premiered Sunday night. Either you.


Turns out the Australian animator was on the radar of Rick and Morty co-creator Justin Roiland off the strength of the aforementioned internet classics. According to Cusack, who triple j spoke to this morning, the brief was to basically just do whatever he wanted. At first Michael thought it was he who was the April fool. Surely it was too good to be true. From that point Adult Swim asked him to submit a script and then left him alone to just hit them up once he was done.

Rick and Morty is back, but it's not for Season 4. This time, Rick's portal gun is just a gun, his spaceship an old sedan. Instead of aliens, there's fire ants and "bush wizards. The basic premise of Bushworld Adventures is similar enough to Rick and Morty , with Mordi's grandpa Reek taking him on wild adventures, except this time there's a lot less sci-fi and a lot more Australia. Instead of travelling to a distant planet, this adventure is a hour road trip to the real city of Bendigo, in the Australian state of Victoria. Along the way they stop at a gas station, hike into the outback for a place to pee and visit Uncle Barry.

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The year after that, they waited with bated breath, as apparently Season 4 hadn't even been ordered yet. But then came a new Rick and Morty episode! This one looked a tad different Bushworld Adventures is a spoof of the show itself, created by Michael Cusack, depicting a surreal What If? Just 11 minutes long, the short features weird animation, and a lot of insanity that is simultaneously both more mundane and weirder than your average Rick and Morty episode.

Sign in. Watch now. Title: Bushworld Adventures —. After being charged with murder, Rick Allen tries to defend himself in court. He claims to the judge that his attorney is requesting sexual favors of him and would like to either hire a


Aussie Rick and Morty: How the Internet got April Fooled

Warning: Some of the links, images, and featured content in this article is very graphic and violent. Keep this in mind before you click on something. It featured lots of Australian references such as Rick beating up a kangaroo and Morty taking a picture of Rick in front of The Big Banana. And it was a lot darker than the original, featuring clips of Beth and Jerry in the middle of an argument that turned violent and a naked unidentified man sitting in a messy room covered in empty alcohol bottles. However the trip is just ten minutes of pure nightmare fuel, as Rick tells Morty his plans to commit a murder-suicide with the two of them while holding a realistic looking gun to his head. From here, the rest of of the episode goes downhill. There are three scenes that sum up the how wild this episode got.

Adult Swim Rick and Morty. But what exactly was this episode? Is it canon? After you finish this article, take our poll at the end and let us know what you thought about the episode. There is a callback to a previous episode.

Adult Swim sends altered versions of Rick and Morty on a bizarro trip that's definitely not family-friendly. Rick and Morty have had some weird adventures Pickle Rick! In a very-not-family-friendly minute video called Bushworld Adventures, a raggedly drawn Rick and Morty discover that all those reports of dangerous creatures living in Australia aren't exaggerated. Morty seeks treatment for a snake bite in a very personal spot, and well, things go exactly as you might think. Is there a cartoon version of Child Protective Services we can call to get Morty away from his grandpa, because You can watch the episode for free on Adult Swim's website. Kick the kids out of the room first.

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    Bushworld Adventures is an eleven-minute episode that aired unannounced on Adult Swim on April 1, , one year after the surprise premiere of the third.

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