Kid rock rock and roll jesus

Rock N Roll Jesus

kid rock rock and roll jesus

Kid Rock - Rock n Roll Jesus


It is a bravado-laced Kid Rock song about sex, drugs and rock 'n' roll. The song was co-written by former lead guitarist Kenny Tudrick, who replaced Kenny Olson on the 'Live' Trucker tour. The song and album title were attacked by some religious groups for being sacrilegious. A live version was released on the Target version of Born Free in From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article needs additional citations for verification. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources.

Clark produced the track "All Summer Long. The album also features the vocals of golfer John Daly on "Half Your Age" and the rock hit " All Summer Long " which has brought the album to triple platinum status in the U. This would be the last album that Rock raps on until 's Sweet Southern Sugar. On the Mainstream Rock chart, the singles peaked at No. The tracks peaked at No. The album's third single, "All Summer Long", was a massive worldwide hit. It peaked at No.

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When it comes right down to it, what Kid Rock attempts is kind of tricky: he's trying to create new classic rock, songs to compete with Skynyrd and Seger as the soundtrack of choice for jukeboxes and pickup trucks across the country. This is the sound of the white-trash, downriver rocker in him coming through, triumphing over the jive rapper who brought him his fame. It was there even when he was aping the Beastie Boys and yodeling in the canyon, but once the country-rock of "Picture" revived the sales of the flagging Cocky , he put all his chips on classic rock, beginning with 's eponymous platter, a good record without a single hit single. That lack of a hit was enough to scare Kid , to strip away his few lingering subtleties and turn out an album as big, bold, and brainless as 's Rock N Roll Jesus. Apart from a drum loop here and a chanted bridge there, this is classic white-trash rock through and through, but where his heroes were creating a blueprint, Kid Rock is doggedly following their path, and he won't ever let you forget it, either. He name-drops relentlessly, steals songs titles from both Alabama and Billy Squier , cribs rhyme schemes from Seger and melodies from Elton John "Blue Jeans and a Rosary" is straight out of "Levon" , adopts John Fogerty 's fake mushmouth Southern accent for his obligatory Big Easy salute, "New Orleans," and pays homage to Back in Black with his cover art.

Release Date: Tracklist. Today I woke up with a craving for a whaaburger and french cries Please kill me. There is an element of gospel to this album's music, and yet the lyrics are still cheerfully hedonistic. It's not a classic album, the tracks are for the most part less memorable than 's self-titled album, and yet it's still an impressive Southern rock album from the Michigan singer-songwriter. He only raps on one track, "Sugar", and his rap fans by now probably lost interest. Yet the killer title track is one of his most impressive outings: His religion is sex, drugs and rock-n-roll, and he practices what he preaches.

Kid Rock - Rock N Roll Jesus

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Even though he's been on the periphery of the Irish music-buying public's consciousness since his hit 'American Bad Ass' , it's taken Kid Rock eighteen years into his recording career to have a bona fide hit on our fair isle. The fact that it's come in the shape of 'All Summer Long' - a feel-good, middle-of-the-road rock anthem that samples not one, but two classic rock songs, says it all. Kid Rock just isn't as bad-ass as he used to be. Gone are the days when the lyrical content of the Detroit-born musician saw him banned from the airwaves 's ode to oral sex 'Yo Da Lin In the Valley' , or his bad boy behaviour won him more tabloid column inches than ex-wife Pamela Anderson's bust measurement. The problem is that he's subsequently been drained of any of his debatably interesting qualities in favour of a samey, often bland southern rock flavour. The perfect soundtrack to drunken teen nights, GAA club celebrations and festival campsite singalongs, it's as dreary as it is lacklustre, and is therefore, unsurprisingly, a huge hit. As much as he'd like to be seen as a saviour of rock 'n' roll, however, Kid Rock is instead, the new John Cougar Mellencamp.



Rock n Roll Jesus (song)



Rock n Roll Jesus is the seventh studio album by Kid Rock, released on October 9, Rob Cavallo co-produced the album with Rock. Mike E. Clark.
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