5 weeks and 2 days pregnant

5 Weeks Pregnant

5 weeks and 2 days pregnant

There won't be any visible signs of pregnancy on the outside for some time, but there are many changes taking place inside.

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Their skull bones close around their tiny, primitive brain. The outer layer of the cushiony amniotic sac develops into the placenta. Its cells grow deep into the wall of your womb, creating a rich blood supply. Get weekly updates on your baby's development from our expert midwives straight to your inbox. Have you been having cravings? Read about the 10 most-common pregnancy myths.

At this early stage, all your unborn baby's needs will be met by the yolk sac. Attached to the embryo by a connecting stalk, this essential balloonlike structure indicates the site of your pregnancy and can usually be seen as early as this week as a sphere 0. At first the yolk sac is as large as the disk of embryonic cells that will eventually become your baby. Containing cells that perform a similar function to the liver, the yolk sac releases several pregnancy hormones and produces the embryo's first red blood cells. After week 9 the liver will take over these functions as the yolk sac gradually disappears and the placenta takes over, by around the 10th week of pregnancy. Over the next seven days, a primitive circulatory system develops, well before any blood circulates to the placenta in the 10th week.

The reason: Most healthcare providers count pregnancy from the first day of your last period. Your embryo is hard to see on an ultrasound right now, but that doesn't mean that you aren't feeling its presence by way of symptoms such as fatigue, breast tenderness, and nausea. Most women put on a barely noticeable 1 to 4. In fact, fatigue is considered a universal symptom this early in pregnancy. The culprit is in part the hormones human chorionic gonadotropin hCG and progesterone. At the same time, at 5 weeks pregnant, some women may notice a cramping sensation also described as the feeling of being full in their uterus.

The placenta and the beginnings of the umbilical cord are developing in order to channel essential nutrients and oxygen from your body to the embryo. These nutrients, like calcium, folic acid , and other vitamins, all play a vital role in healthy development. This week, the neural tube continues to develop; it will eventually become the spinal column and the brain. Your baby's heart will develop from what is now just a bulge in the middle of the embryo, and the heartbeat itself may be detected as early as the sixth week of pregnancy. This week, your baby is still very small, but growing quickly!

5 Weeks, 2 Days

Plus, at 5 weeks pregnant, heightened hormone levels may be giving you symptoms that are tough to ignore, like sore breasts, nausea, and fatigue. Those same hormones are the ones your pregnancy test detected to give you a positive result.

5 weeks pregnant

View video transcript. Welcome to week five of your pregnancy, the beginning of your second month hey - only seven more to go! Your pregnancy is still new, but that embryo inside of you is growing fast and furious… from the size of a poppy seed last week to as big as an orange seed right now — around one-twentieth of an inch long. Wondering what your growing baby looks like now? Not much like a baby. Your little one has elongated from a ball of cells to a teeny tadpole-like shape, with a distinguishable head and, believe it or not, a tail.




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